Narrow Room Walkthrough

Narrow Room Text and Video Walkthrough;
Move left chair, take the key. Open closet above with key, take bowls, notice keyhole on the bottom.
Examine white bolw, notice the code 6319. Turn left, place the red bowl on cupboard in the middle. Open the box in cupboard with code: another code 32 71. Place the red bowl on the left side of cupboard. Take multitool. Examine it by clicking it 5 times. You have a can opener. Take the can from the shelf and open it.
You´ll get a key. Turn left, zoom in table. Look under table and push the button. Look in screen. A code FBRFB. Now combine two codes F3, B2, R, F7, B1.
Open the closet above chairs and use key on bottom of it. Push button. Turn right and zoom in panel. Insert black bowl in box below push buttons 3F 2B R 7F 1B. Open the box below and take the green figure. Examine it and click the right leg: you´ll get the key. Use it and get out.

Source: Escape Games 24

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