Office Escape Walkthrough

Office Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this video and text walkthrough useful
1. Get the ring from beneath small desk
2. Get the ring from Desk corner
3. Get watch from the desk drawer
4. Get nail file from the left jacket pocket
5. Get can of water and water the plant to get a gold knob.
6. Use the nail file to open botton drawer.
7. use the 2 rings and the knob to open the box in the bottom drawer. Look at the time in the watch and arrange the knob and the 2 rings accordingly.
8. Get the key and open the cabinet.
9. Get Diary.
10. Count the number of shaped in the window view to open the safe according to the hint in the diary.
11. Get the card from the safe.
12. use the card on the coumputer mouse.
13. Turn on computer.
13. Use the menu for locked in the office.
14. Enter the E from the Diary.
15. Enter level 4.
16. OUT !

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