Old Hotel Walkthrough

Old Hotel WalkthroughWelcome to the this game walkthrough.I hope this a video walkthrough useful.Starting the game
1.Flying through the window escape if you use italian flag colors as code (green, white, red) where in the safe you'll find a boomerang that you have to throw at the fan so you can build a machine that will get you flying out the window, 2. breaking the door escape if you use french flag colors (blue, white, red), where in the safe you'll find a drill ending, with which you make a drilling machine and break the door.Click base of pipe and click to right to see behind it
Get object (shaft)
Click to left of couch to get handlebars and bell
Turn left click top of radiator to see behind it
Use shaft object to push key out
In main screen, click to left of radiator to get key
Turn left and get screwdriver
In about item view of handlebars, click on the bell to remove it
In about item view of the bell, use screwdriver to open it and get note
The note tells you there are 2 ways to escape -- fly or break
Turn left 2 times and use key on right box to get motor
Click on left box and enter Italian flag colors (green white red)
Get weapon from box
Back out until you see the ceiling fan and use weapon
Turn right 2 times to pick up the fan
In the about item view of the motor, click at the bottom to rotate it to see the hole
Add shaft to the motor
In same about item view, add handlebars and fan
Turn right and click with helicopter on window to escape (and see your bare bottom as you fly away)

French ending
All of the steps are the same except enter French flag colors into the left box to get drill bit
Combine the motor, handlebars, shaft, and drill bit to make a drill
Remove all the pieces of the door and run away

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