Pirate Peril Walkthrough

1-Pick up the hammer and fishing rod- use the hammer on the crack in the wall to get the key- use the key to unlock the door- click on the X
2-Pick up shovel and spinach- click on the X
3-you now have dynamite in your inventory somehow, use it on the log, get wood and beer- use shovel on the left tree, get square thing- Click on the X
4-Use the square thing on the big rock, click on the rock under it- pirate comes out, give him beer, use fishing rod on him, get clippers- click on the X
5-Use hammer on the right tree, use hammer on coconut, get nails- use fishing rod on water, get thing- click on the X
6-Use clippers on the chest, pick up the chest- click on the X, click on the X again

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