Shape Escape 3 Walkthrough

Shape Escape 3 Text and Video Walkthrough
Completed walkthrough

1 - in first view, behind pot plant (light green shape)
2 - click on middle of table to zoom to right table leg, dark colored and not easy to see (blue shape)
3 - on painting behind table (pink diamond shape)
4 - turn right to next view - with sofa and click on brown furniture (red square shape)
5 - click on tv to zoom into one of the armchairs (purple oblong shape)
6 - click right side of sofa and on window shadow on floor get Yellow shape
7 - click to zoom into left speaker leg (orange circle shape)
8 - in next view showing desk - on open drawer knob (pinkish organge shape)
9 - click on green furniture and get purple diamond on window pane
10 - In same view with desk click on furniture at the left and then bottom drawer where you will see a place to put shapes into.
11- In bed view click to view blue furniture and get red circle shape on second to bottom drawer knob
12 - click on clock and get pink square shape from 3 o'clock
13 - click on blue trash can and get green oblong shape on floor
14 - click on brownish furniture on the right (in bedroom view) and then bottom drawer you'll see a place to put the second set of shapes.
15 - you are now ready to leave once you place all the shapes in their correct places! :)

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