Take Your Mother from the Station Walkthrough

Take Your Mother from the Station WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this video and text walkthrough useful.Starting the game
1:click on watermelon token, then white paper
2:click on green and purple paper
3:lift middle, take rose token.
4:click right pillow twice, take green heart
5:click bottom left fern leaf
6:click on door handle
7:click donught ontop of cresants
8:go right
9: click chair
10:click right window screen and then click bird
11: go left once and click on cresants, give bird cresant
12: take letter, zoom in on letter (click about item while highlighting letter)
13:read letter
14:click on top drawer, take pen
15:click where chair was and click light pink bar on the inside of the desk
16:go right
17:put green heart in green shape
18:go right
19:zoom in on calender, use pen on the 6th.
20:click bottom of calender until you see pliers.
21:click close.
22:use fern leaf on cat, take plug
23:go right.
24:use plug on wall and click blue botton on fan
25: click waving paper on board, click bottom left and use pen (code:62)
26:click door
27: use chair on phone then answer phone
28:click on pink heart in text then click again
29: use brown stick on pillow, take battery
30: click on door
31: go right, click on light, take pig token, click blue bar next to window
32:note the number (318), click the blue bar again and click on left window plane.
33: take screwdriver
34:zoom in on clock, click on clock and use screwdriver on clock, put battery in and use screw again to close it.
35: click bottom part of desk and input code from fan (62), take sissors
36: go right
37: take blue towel and click on bottom drawer, collect umbrella
38: go right twice
39: highlight towel and click on bear,
40: go left once, click calendar and go to last page, use sissors, take pliers
41: go left once, use pliers on thing next to plant, open green door, take books, click blue button in top
left cornor, click round light on plant, turn light back on and take ladybug. insert code 318 into blue drawer.
42: take yellow jacket
43: put books on steps, then use coat on boy, then click on yellow drawer, use pliers on umbrella and take umbrella
44:go right twice
45: use umbrella on bag (near the two handles) and then take bag
46: go left twice
47: highlight bag and put on boys reflection
48: go right twice and click on door
49: click on white thing at bottom of screen
50: click on blue table clothe, click on squirlle token, with the blue table clothe still highlighted, put the white paper there
and use the pen on paper
51: exit out of there and click up once
52: put paper on board followed by ladybug
53: click door
54:go right once, click bottom drawer, click blue box (squirrle, watermelon, pig), click button
55: take key
56: go back to front door, click on bottom door on the right for gumboots, then click on them again and take slippers,
put slippers back in closet
57:close closet
58: go right once, click chair, click door, go right three times, click on right curtain, take sweet token
59: go back to front door, use green key and your out!

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