Underground Space Escape Walkthrough

Underground Space EscapeWelcome.I hope this video and text walkthrough useful.Start scene -- note ladder is locked on wall
Click on I plant to get string behind it
Zoom on door -- get white paper from on floor left of door; back out
Turn right -- click on wall cubicles (note objects); take basket
Click on basket in inventory -- take scissors
Click on paper in inventory -- combine with scissors to make wing coverings
Use scissors again to cut wing frames from basket
Back out of scene and turn right (note D and M plants)
Click on white box under stairs -- hint says sky music and time with 9 boxes (same number as wall cubicles)
Go back left to wall cubicles and note all dealing with sky, music, or time (airplane, hourglass, piano, and violin)
Turn to wall box again and click boxes in the pattern below (X- press button)
Get key (note brass button in box won’t stay down)
Turn right (note L plant, and pipe with something on it)
Click on red lever box to get small airplane from floor (missing wings)
Click on pipe to access ramp (looks like stairs), click arrow to go up ramp
Click up 2 times and take key on left side of ramp
Turn right -- click behind door pillar to get tube and rope ladder
Click on tube in inventory to see end needs a plug; click on rope to open ladder
Click on brass box to right of door and use key to get glue
In inventory view, add glue to wing frames
Turn right and click ladder -- use key to unlock ladder
Turn to face lever and ramp; click on pipe -- place ladder to left of plant
Click on package on pipe (broken wings)
In inventory, click on broken wings to get wood pieces
In inventory, view wing frames with glue and add wood pieces and then paper
In inventory, view plane and add wings and string
Face red lever box and look up; click on sky above stone walkway with airplane
Look down -- click on string with rope ladder
Climb rope ladder to face door -- note code box says mild and note locked gate behind you
Go back down and count leaves on plants to get 5857
Open door -- inside door, turn left and get hammer
Turn back and go down ladder in door
At bottom (you’ll be facing up the ladder), turn left and pull lever
Go back into room and go to sky, music, time box and see button is now green
Push button and look below, now a plug in the open grate
In inventory, combine plug with silver tube (note hint “ground” and places to enter code)
Turn to red lever and hit with hammer to flood floor
Climb rope ladder and then click like you would climb back down -- see code on floor
Enter 3173 in tube to get heart key
Open gate but don’t leave -- go back down into room and to the grate below the sky, music, time box and get coin
Now leave with happy end!

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