Waiting Room Walkthrough

In order to figure out the color code, you have to google butterfly.
try picture search in google.
1.Graphium sarpedon nipponum
2.Lycaena phlaeas daimio
3.Papilio machaon hippocrates

Now I realized sun,moon,star hehe.

1. You can't do anything at this point. Turn around..girl! Click the girl. She wants her RING.
2. She disappeared..weird. Turn and get the RUSTY NAIL from under the bench, then get the ticket using it.
3. Read the note. It could help.
4. Turn again. Take the BROOM. Turn again, take the box out from under the bench. Look inside, take the MARKER.
5. Turn twice(we're turning to the right always.) and zoom in on window. Break window with BROOM and draw on window with MARKER.
6. Zoom out, go down to cage. It looks like a pet rock. Click on the bars in the above mentioned number order. (1-10 going right) Click the front and take out the CLOTH.
7. About item the CLOTH, click once and get GLOVES.
8. Alright..ladybird code. Supposedly there are some by sunflowers but I only can find the two sets because there ARE no sunflowers..so just use the code 23816.
9. Take SIGNS. They don't seem useful right now.
10. Turn to the bench with the unbroken window. Click the top, get BOTTLECAP. Looks like a pepsi one.
11. Go to trash chute, hit it with the broom, use bottle cap on GUM. Get STRING.
12. GO to trash chute. Click the sides.
left upper corner, left upper corner, right up., left lower, right up., right lower corner, left lower corner.(Thanks Lucasz)
13. Read the notebook. Her name is Natumi..I don't know how that's useful right now. The butterflies are also there, not much use.
Blue, orange, yellow green.
14. Put the CAP in the window(the open one.)
15. Zoom out, zoom in.
16. HOLY CRAP. Giant stag beetle. Do those live here..? Uh..nevermind that. Pick up the BEETLE. Use the string.
17. Use BEETLE on that cloth out there.
18. Get TOWEL.
19. Wet the TOWEL.
20. Use wet towel on door(the side where the beetle was.)
21. Use the SIGNS on the blank sheet of paper on the wall.
Rabbit hill
Dear plateu
this station
fox river
east fox river
monkey valley
cat forrest/
crow garden(Again, Lukasz.)
22. Move that sign. Power cables! Let's lick them! Oh..we can't? Use the GLOVES on the red wire(don't cut the blue wire!!), take the sign.
23. Cool, it's a mirror on the back! Use it on that hole under one of the benches. Take the box.
24. Zoom in on the box. Color the diamonds.
Blue Orange Yellow Green
25. You get a RING.
26. The girls' back. Give the ring to her, she get's all surprised, click her. (Note: Sanatorium has nothing to do with insanity. It's where people with really bad diseases go. Like tuberculosis. Even depression got you in there.) She disappears..
27. Go out the door. Normal end. I'm working on figuring out Happy ENd.

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