Alkirian 3 - The Water Stone Walkthrough

Alkirian 3 - The Water Stone WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
1. Take The Flashlight In The Boat. If You Look Near The Front Of The Boat, You'll See A Metal Stick. If You Click It, You'll Get A Wrench

2. Before You Go Inside, Note The Roman Number: XVI = 16. Get Inside!

3. Remove The Rug, And Press Down The Tile With The "XI" On! XI = 11! Move Onto The Next Room.

4. Take The Broom, Next To The Door.

5. Use Broomstick On The Pile Of Dust, Next To The Pantry. Get A Pair Of Batteries!

6. Use The Combine Tool To Combine The Batteries With The Flashlight!

7. Place Flashlight In The Pantry, And Take The Water Stone! Water Stones - 1 Of 8

8. Remove The Half Remaining Piece Of The Door Beneath The Sink, And Use Wrench On The Pipe To Get Another Water Stone! Water Stones - 2 Of 8

9. Before You Leave The Room, Press The Tile On Wall With The "III" On. And You Also See Another Tile Above The Sink With "I" On It, But Don't Press It. Move The Can/Thing Near It, To Reveal Another Tile With "II" On. Press It! Now You've Pressed The Following Tiles: XI, III, II = 11, 3, 2 = 16 Together, Which Is The Same Number As The One We Saw Outside The House! Leave The Room.

10. Take The ScrewDriver In The ToolBox, Left To The Chair. Then, Move The Table To Reveal A Went! Use ScrewDriver On Went, To Get A Water Stone! Water Stones - 3 Of 8

11. Move The Table 3 Times More, To Shake Off A Water Stone From Under It. Water Stones - 4 Of 8

12. Take The Water Stone On The Chandeliers Left Side. And Use Broom On The Upper Right Corner To Reveal Another Water Stone. Water Stones - 6 Of 8
13. When You Used Broom On The Upper Right Corner, The Dust From It Fell Down. Use Broom On The Pile Of Dust, To Get A Key!

14. Use The Key You Just Got On The Passage In The Middle Of The Screen. Once Opened, Click Inside It To Get A Water Stone! Water Stones - 7 Of 8

15. Leave The House! Once You're Outside, Look Above The Entrance. You'll See A Water Stone, It's The One From The Tiles We Pressed! Take It, And Leave By Clicking On The Left Side Of The Screen. You'll Only Be Able To Leave If You Have All Of The 8 Water Stones!

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