Blue Orbs Walkthrough

Blue Orbs WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Place diamond in door panel to open door
Enter room
Click desk drawers for key and candle
Take mug and paper from desk
Look at note pad on desk -- pull papers until you see O=x (~18 pages deep)
Look in trash can to see blue square = 4
Turn right
On the bookcase, look at the blue books and see that there are hotspots where you can take certain books
Take the second blue book to see the code for the padlock star, triangle, circle, square, diamond
Pick up the other blue books to find the hidden card -- it falls on the floor in front of the book case
It shows orange triangle = 9 (the card is upside down)
Click on the floor to the right of the bookcase and see the carpet is cut
Click on the bottom left corner to reveal a safe
Turn right and take the candlestick
You can’t pick up the bottom scroll, but it says it is a periodic table of elements
Click the top right of the bookcase and see green star = 1
Turn right (click the statue and see the blue ball in her eye)
Turn right three times
Click the left side of the couch and see red diamond = 7
In that same view, click behind the couch to get matches
Turn left 3 times and use key on grey door
Turn right and see computer
Click to the left of the computer and get the chisel
(If you click on the right side you will see a slot)
Use chisel on the candlestick to clean it of old wax
Put on new candle then light with matches
Add the paper from the desk to the candle flame to see the word SKY
Turn left and go into basement
Click on the panel and see the padlock
We know the code was: star, triangle, circle, square, diamond
So 19 x 47 = 893
Click lock and then open panel to get bag of seeds (click on bag in about item view to open it)
Go back upstairs to the large bookcase
Look up a periodic table to see the atomic numbers for S K Y elements
You get 16 19 39
Enter that into the floor safe
Part 2

Back up once to see the safe handle and open it and get a wooden ball
In the about item view flip the wooden ball over to see the seam
Use the chisel on the wooden ball seam to open it
Click on the blue spot to get the other blue orb
Go to the statue and place her other eye
She cries
(note: click the ground to the right of the statue’s hair to see the water running down)
Use the mug on the base of the fountain to get water
Take orbs from the statue
Click left 4 times and use water on the sad plant
Click fruit and get chick
Go out to the diamond door and place the 2 orbs in the panel
Climb the ladder but do NOT click the trap door to leave
At the top of the ladder on the left side is a gray key
Take the key and go back down the ladder
Remove the 2 orbs from the panel and go inside
Use key on desk for card
Go back to the computer and use the systems card
Pour seed into the now open chute in the computer
Return to statue and replace the orbs in the eyes
Go to the basement, and the blue door is now open showing a green knob/gear
Turn it
Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right (seems to be based on books on bookshelf, but I’m not sure how)
Go upstairs and get the orbs from the statue
Go to the sofa and see map on wall. Beneath the map, it now spells BACK
Turn to the bookcase and note that books have titles starting with the letters (ignoring “The”)
Biochemistry = Dark Blue
Architecture = Red
Circuit = Green
Kingdom = Gold
Go to the map and see the floor schematic of the room. If you click a square it will darken just slightly. Click on each place you found the colored shape = number hints in the beginning of the game. Click them in order of the BACK clue --
trash can was blue square
left side of the couch was red diamond
small bookcase was green star
large bookcase was orange triangle
Get wheat that falls
Feed wheat to chick in the about item view, and she will love you a lot
Go out and face door panel. Take the diamond.
Turn around and find chick beside the green spaceship
Click on the chick and see the keyhole
Look at chick in about item view and take the key from her head
Use the new key in the keyhole
Turn around and see a new door
And out!

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