Escape World Chapter 3 - Dining Room Walkthrough

Escape World Chapter 3 - Dining Room WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Get key under carpet
Get key under table

KITCHEN frige side
Dustcloth between apels & oranges
Left glass cupboard get green mug
2nd drawer from top get Sponge
119 opens 3digit drawer get screwdriver head
Table key opens right cupboard get wheel
red yellow orange green Opens left cupboard get stool
Put it next to fridge get purple mug
5680 opens fridge notice 23 on egg
KITCHEN sink side
Open top right cupboard with carpet key get red mug
Top left cupboard up to sink Get cleanser
Use it on pan with sponge get 15
38 opens drawer get paper
Use wheel under stove light it up
Use paper on stove then look at it

Back to dining room
Tack middle stool top right combine with screwdriver

Back to kitchen
open last closed cupboard with screwdriver get blue cup

Back to dining room
Clean bar with wet cloth see "wee nee new en"
Go to clock use bar hint as with a compass get bulb
Put stool in front of miror put bulb on ceiling lamp
Look at mirror see triangle codes
Use this code on Menu get orange cup
Put cups in cupboard according to green book last page
Set it ok get front door key

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