The Great Bank Escape Walkthrough

The Great Bank Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text Solution useful.Start this game
Entrance sceen
- notice date 21 december
- screwdriver on counter with papers
- pliers inside bin next to door
- open camera with srewdriver
- cut yellow & light blue cables with pliers
Counter sceen
- key on cunter behind 2nd window from left
- get silver star from tree (buttom right)
- use key on black & grey door
- turn light on (yellow dot)
- notice name (b.boulder)
- moove chairs to get code (2875)
- open buttom drawer of desk get zippo fluid
- turn on computer enter
user nameB.BOULDER
password MONEY (u'r in a bank!)
pin 2875 to unlock safe
- get security card in safe
Back to counter sceen
- use card on door
- notice birthday calender
- use water on glasses get code (476)
- get other silver star under table
Computer sceen
- open 1st drawer get tape
- get glue in 3rd drawer
- get key under 3rd chair
- turn on 3rd computer
username maureen (birthday card)
passwoord p3nny (drawing)
open door
- get coffecup next to 4th computer
- get silver star behind 4th computer screen
- open safe wth glasses code
- notice missing fuse
- use key on left brown door
- key on desk in front of
- fuse on right side desk
- put back missing fuse
- turn on all switches next to computers
Back to counters sceen
- notice colors above windows
orange green purple & yellow
Back to staff room
- Use key to open toilets door
- get lighter in first toilet after flushing
- get silver star under 2nd toilet door
- get glove in farest toilet
- put lighter under handdryer
- Put tape & cup on table
- use glue on tape
- put pichet above cup to see hand shape on cup
- take back pichet
- use glove on cup
Enter 2nd brown door room
- use glove on security screen
- use colors on stars
yellow green
purple orange
Enter safe & don't tack money (sniff!!!!)
- use zippo fluid & lighter to burn money
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