Locked Cabin Walkthrough

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Walkthrough - Part 1:

!Clock - Color: Blue | Time: 7:49!

1. Move Right, And Click On The Red Bag To Get A Knife!

Current Items: Knife

2. Move Twice Right, And Move The Chair Somewhere Else Than It's Current Position!

*Once Moved, You'll See A Key Attached With A Rope*

Use Knife On The The Rope, To Get The Key!

Current Items: Golden Key

3. Move Twice Left, And Use Key To Open The Door!

*Check The Slipper, To Reveal A Number: 8 *

Current Items: Empty

4. Go Inside The Door On The Right-Side Of The Screen!

!Clock - Color: Red | Time: 7:47!

5. Move Once Right, And Move The Curtains. Take The Cup, And Go Back, Out Of The Room!

[Move Once Right From The Room With The Bath Tub]!Clock - Color: Purple | Time: 8:00!

[Move Once Right From The Room With The Bath Tub]*If You Open All The Cupboard, You'll Find A Combination: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right*

[Move Once Right From The Room With The Cupboards]*Click On The Toilet Paper, To Reveal A Number: 3*

Current Items: Empty Cup

6. First, Move Downstairs. Once There, Move Left! Open The Drawer, Below The Animal Head, And Take The ScrewDriver!

Current Items: Empty Cup | Screwdriver

7. Move Twice Left, And Use ScrewDriver To Open The Locked Door!

!Clock - Color: Green | Time: 7:45!
Instead Of Moving Twice Left From The Room With The Billiard, Move Once Left]*Click On The Sword-Fish, To Move It A Bit. Click On The Number The Fish Revealed, To Reveal A Number: 2*

[Before You Enter The Room You Unlocked With A Screwdriver]*Move The Sofas Right-Cushion, To Reveal A Note. Click To Read It! You'll See The Items In Following Order: Slipper | Heart Card | Toilet Paper | Sword-Fish! It's The Numbers We Got From Those Things, And The Note Is Showing The Correct Order*

Current Items: Empty Cup

8. Click On The Door, On The Right-Side Of The Screen, To Pop Up A Code Box. Enter The Following Code: 8 5 3 2!

!Clock - Color: Yellow | Time: 7:52!

*Check The 2 Cards On The Table. Notice That The Right-Card Has 5 Hearts On It, And You Remember The Note From The Previous Room. It Showed That The Correct Order For The Numbers, And It Also Showed A Card With A Heart On*

*Code For Code Box - Sandal: 8 | Hearts Card: 5 | Toilet Paper: 3 | Sword-Fish: 2 = 8 5 3 2*

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Walkthrough - Part 2:

9. Enter The Door, And Dip The Cup In The Pool, To Get A Cup With Water. Click On The Warehouse's Door! Another Code Box Will Pop-Up, But With Some Arrow Keys! Press The Arrows In Following Order: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right! Once Done, Push The Start Button On The Bottom Of The Device!

*The Code: You Remember The Arrows From The Bathroom. The Ones We Found In The Cupboards! Yeah, That's The Code!*

Current Items: Cup With Water

10. Enter The WareHouse, And Take The Blue Goggles! Leave The Warehouse!

!Clock - Color: Orange | Time: 7:55!

11. Use Goggles On The Pool, To See Under-Water. You'll Find A Quarter, Take It! Go Out Of The Pool, And Inside. From The Kitchen, Enter The Door On The Middle Of The Screen!

Current Items: Cup With Water | A Quarter

12. Move Twice Right, And Put The Quarter In The Black Coin Inserter. Get A 8-Ball!

*Still Can't Find The Coin Inserter, Well Here I Am. If You Look At Both Of The Sticks, You'll See That Both Of Them Has One Small Dark Brown Ring On Them. If You Look At Both Of The Rings, And Then Look At The Center Point Of Them Both, You'll Find The Black Coin Inserter*

Current Items: Cup With Water | 8-Ball

13. Move Once Right, And Pour The Water From The Cup On The Fire. Once The Fire Is Away, Take The Black Key From The Fireplace! Move Upstairs, And Click On The Arrow Pointing Right! You'll Be In Your Room.

Current Items: 8-Ball | Black Key

14. Move Twice Left, And Use The Black Key On The Last Drawer. Click Inside The Drawer, To Find A Weird Puzzle. Put The Ball In The Middle Of The Puzzle, And Move Once Left!

*The Puzzle Is Rectangle, And Has Some Yellow Lines*

Current Items: Empty

15. You'll See A Briefcase On The Bottom Of The Bookshelf. Click To Zoom In! Press The Buttons In Following Order: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple! Take The Glow Inside, And Leave The Room. Once Outside, Use Glove To Take The Little Chest From Inside The Aquarium, And Take The Golden Key Inside! Go Downstairs, And Move Once Left. Use Key On The Door, And You're Free!

*The Code For The BriefCase: You Remember All The Clocks With Different Colors And Times. If You Put The Clocks In Shortest-Highest Time, You'll Find The Code:

Green: 7:45
Red: 7:47
Blue: 7:49
Yellow: 7:52
Orange: 7:55
Purple: 8:00

And There Is Your Code*

I Hope This Walkthrough Was Helpful, Cause I Spent A LONG TIME On It :S


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