Multiple of 3 Escape Game 2 Walkthrough

Multiple of 3 Escape Game 2 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Room 1
- Go in front of tv to see note of mission
- Red flower button inside bin
- Remote in cat house
- Clik on top of house cat, cat climbs to give u white flower button
- Battery under right side of tv
- Combine battery & remote to put tv on seen hint
- Back to dog picture count flowers
Green box code is 6234
- Open box get dog book so dog
- Use dog on top right red circle get last button
- Go to door as 1st mission is completed
Room 2
- Open buttom right drawer to get mission
- Get key under chair
- Get hint 1/3 in top right drawer
- Get button 1 in 3rd drawer
- Get button 2 under pillow
- Get hint 2/3 under sheet
- Get button 3 in cat picture
- Open red book to the end get hint 3/3
- Use key on buttom cupboard get button 4
- Use dog on left door cornet get button 5
- Combine 3 hints get drawer code 8091
- Get cat book so cat
- Use dog un red circlet up to sheves
- Use cat on red messanger get last button
- Go to door as 2nd mission is completed
Room 3
- Go to sink seen open left cupboard get mission
- Open middle cupboard get board
- Open right cupboard get pan
- Photo 1 in left side of picture
- Notice hint in the fridge
- Use cat on table get onion
- Open fridge middle drawer get iced key
- Open fridge buttom drawer get carot
- Get green paper in plant
- Use dog on red circle up to door get tomato
- Pour water into pan & put it on fire
- Add iced key to "disfrozz" it
- Use key on to shelves cupboard get knif
- Open buttom shelves cupboard get letter
- Use board next to sink put vegetebals on it & cut them with knif 1 by 1 to get door code
- Use letter on red messenger
- Use dog to get messenger back
- Use cat to get postcard
- Back to box open it thanks to post card hint
- Get cat & dog book
- Use cat & dog on trap above door to get picture 2
- Go to door as 3rd mission is completed

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