Simp Room Escape Walkthrough

Simp Room Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text Solution useful. Start this escape game

Click on the end of the bed by the rug -- get magnet
Click on the trashcan -- note the clue trapezoid = 8; take the red paper from the desk
Click the computer and note to hit R for accessing the computer (you need a password and username); take tape from top of computer monitor
Note locked drawers and the order of the shapes on desk (triangle, circle, square, trapezoid)
Note the cross on the chair
Turn right 2 times
Take hanger from the floor
Click the rug corner in this view for a silver key
Click the hanger in your inventory and then click the part of the hanger that wraps around to make a hook
Drag the magnet to the hook to combine them
Click the window and then click the bottom of it to look down note weird thing with circles in it
Use hook/magnet to get the broken green key
Back up until you see the bulletin board -- note the unc-rossword puzzle and the memo on how to use print screen
Follow the instructions for print screen with the tutorial memo in the view, and you will see “you’ll need to print screen on the dark room”
Turn right -- click the dark green book
It will tell you to use print screen when looking at this book and when looking at the window
Turn the page and click the cleaner download on the left page (close the window that opens), and then take the other part of the green key
Look at the back of the book and see the user name for the computer = simp433
Do a print screen of the first pages in the book (the one with the triangle on it) and see that triangle = 2 Click the box at the bottom of the bookcase and note you need a code
Turn left one time, zoom in on the window (but don’t look out it), and do a print screen of this scene and you will find that square = t in the upper left corner
Turn 2 times and use the silver key on the desk
Click the red paper (actually a transparency) to see hidden code -- column 4
Keep clicking the top of the broken green key until you see it in inventory view. Then drag the bottom to it and drag the piece of tape to fix the key (note this is by far the hardest thing to do in the game -- it is very buggy)
Use the green key on the desk drawer to see the other half of the code circle is in the crossword and row 3
Turn 2 times to face the bulletin board -- click the un-crossword puzzle
The actual answer for circle is found by switching the row and column clues -- row 4, column 3 (the game maker can’t tell his rows from columns, I guess). Circle = #
Turn back to the computer and click the screen to zoom in
Press r then enter the userID simp433 and password in order of the shapes on the desk = 2#t8
Click login and then click the top icon and then click the cross
Click disabled to switch it to enabled
Back up until you see the whole scene and note the new cross on the wall
Click the cross and then drag it to the chair
Turn right 2 times and see the new opening in the floor
Go downstairs and go into a dark room with a cube on the floor
Do a print screen of the dark room and see the password on the floor (lo5j634n)
Go back upstairs and face the bookcase
Enter the pass code in the bookcase cube to get HCL (hydrochloric acid)
Turn left to face the window and zoom in on it (but don't look out of it)
Use the HCL to burn away the window bars
Now click to look down out of the window -- click on the weird circle-shape thing to jump
You learn it is a trampoline (yes, for some reason it looked square from above), and you have escaped!
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