Strange World 2 Walkthrough

Strange World 2 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Turn right twice and get steering wheel off armchair.
Click above armchair to get piece of string
Put wheel in the black square on wall and turn to get round piece.
Go back and click on what looks like a fish tank and get green key.
Use green key on second drawer and get first battery.
Check in green key drawer by clicking on the rop right hand part of it, to get orange key.
Click on right top corner of clock and get blue key.
Open first drawer with blue key and get magnet.
Attach magnet to string and get the square out of hole in floor next to cabinets
Get second battery from back of clock
Open bottom drawer with orange key and get remote control
Put batteries in remote control
Use remote control on tv and get color code for buttons on safe
Open safe and get some sort of green box.
Dump stuff in green box in the fish tank and get code to open cabinets under TV. (598) Keep trying if the cabinet doesn't open.
Once open you'll then see another blue code box with clues on what to do next.
Get clock off wall and place it in the elevator. Turn wheel till it disappears, then turn wheel again and it will re-appear giving you the code for the blue box. Open blue box and get triangle shape and notice second clue to get the final shape, which is the star. Go back to the colored buttons and press them according to the code on clock & button number - 7322 Then go to box under tank and open to get star.
Put shapes in slots on door and you're out.

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