Strawberry Cafe Escape Walkthrough

Strawberry Cafe Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text Solution useful.Start this game
OBJECTS to get:
-SHARP TOOL under furthest bar stool
-SCISSORS from furthest table
-DECORATION from white wall lamp by terrace door (use scissors to cut it)
-TEA can by entrance door

-SCREWDRIVER from glass wall panel after entering code
-BENCH KEY from safe after using screwdriver to open it
-COFFEE can from safe after using screwdriver to open it
-TRANSLUCENT CAP from locked booth bench
-TERRACE KEY after entering code on round table
-behind white wall lamp by terrace door
-on booth table
-under middle white face near round table
-on barstool
-from box on wall shelf after placing drink, and using code to open box

CODES to enter:
GLASS PANEL ON DIVIDING WALL; sharp tool opens loose brick below glass panel, coffee mugs on counter show which boxes to press (see post #57 for answer)

3 DIGIT CODE SAFE is a trick, you open it by using the screwdriver on the hinges

WALL SHELF by counter, place a Drink on it (use the Tea can to get coffee end, use the Coffee can to get Tea end)

3 HOLE BOX on shelf after Drink drops; place the decoration, and note that they can be pressed for different colors. The picture on the wall above where you found the scissors tells you the numbers to look for in the pictures above the booths. Then press the corresponding colors in the right order to retrieve the final pink square (see post #18 for answer)

ROUND TABLE; place the pink squares and press the grey button for code, then place the translucent cap over it for code to type in above. press pink button and you get key to exit

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