Ying Yang Escape 3 Walkthrough

Ying Yang Escape 3 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text Solution useful.Start this game
1- click white circle on wall, directly below chandelier - (invisible, on circle)
2- click left leg of left night stand - (on bottom circle of berry design)
3- click pillow on floor, left of bed - (right-most white orb on black ceiling)

4- click bottom right bed post - (inside post)
5- click table between chairs, mid-way between lower shelf and tabletop - (gold-hued, top of right leg)
6- click lamp on right night stand - (tiny circle on top right edge of headboard)
7- click between pillows and right night stand - (on pillow)
8- click floor, right edge of bed - (bottom left of bed on floor)
9- click left edge of right curtain - (on ledge)

10- click down arrow area on bottom of screen, then click book on floor - (in fold)
exit- click window on left to see door

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