RGB Walkthrough

1. Go right, click on planter, note formula 1 (including all colors)
2. Click left cabinet, take bottle of water
3. Click tissue box, note formula 2, click tissues until red coin drops
4. Click table, take red coin from floor, take figure 1
5. Click clock, take orange coin (at the 9 o’clock side)

6. Go right, click easel, take brown coin (top right of easel)
7. Click plant, note formula 3
8. Go right, click center picture until it falls down
9. Click right picture (which is a map of the room), note black corner
10. Click to right of the sofa, note formula 4, click the corner (per map), take knife
11. Click bottom right side of sofa, use knife on circular area, take grey coin
12. Go right, turn off light
13. Go left, note word on wall (including colors)
14. Go right, turn back on light
15. Go left, click box, use word from wall and various formulas to click the three appropriate shapes, push button to open [BOX SOLUTION: red B = blue square, red 0 = yellow triangle, yellow X = green circle]
16. Take bottle opener, take diagram
17. In your inventory, magnify bottle and use bottle opener on it
18. Click to the left of sofa, use water on dead plant
19. Click away, then return the dead plant, take screwdriver
20. Go left, click device on wall, use screwdriver on lever, insert coins in the order shown on diagram (brown, orange, grey, red), click latch
21. Go right, note left picture has fallen down
22. Click to left of sofa, take round silver key
23. Go right twice, use key on right side of cabinet, take figure 2, take wire cutters
24. Go right twice, click right picture, use wire cutters on four corners, take picture
25. In your inventory, magnify picture, click to turn it over, take black key
26. Go right, click door, use black key on left keyhole
27. Turn off light, go left, note writing on wall (including colors)
28. Go right, turn on light, click on door
29. Click switch on right side to activate lights, set lights to proper colors to unlock door, open right door [DOOR SOLUTION: the colors of the lights must be set to match the same order of the colors of the letters on the wall: pink, blue, blue, blue, pink, red, red, yellow, green, green, green, yellow, green, green.]
30. Go left, click center picture, note location of orange box in diagram
31. Go right, click tissue box that corresponds to the orange mark from the picture (2 from the right, 3 from the bottom), click tissues repeatedly, take figure 3
32. Go right, click wooden device on top of cabinet
33. Place the three figures on the device based on the shapes of their feet, push button, take red key
34. Go left, use red key on left keyhole, open door, enter hallway
35. You can click white space to exit room (ending 1) OR...
36. Turn around inside hallway, close door, take blue coin, open door, return to room
37. Click device on wall, insert blue coin, click lever, take back all five coins
38. Go left, click button on wood device with three figures to light up eyes
39. Go left, turn off light, go left, note light pattern on wall, hmmm no help...
40. Realize that the heads of the figures need to be rearranged in order to cast a specific light pattern on the wall that will reveal the final clue!
41. Go right, turn light back on
42. Go right twice, click easel, use diagram to learn how to remove the heads from the figures [HEAD REMOVAL SOLUTION: The top figure that looks like an 8 represents a figure, the triangles in the middle are directions, the bottom two circles represent a figure with its head removed]
43. Go left, collect three figures
44. In your inventory, magnify figure 1, click right, left, left, right, left, right, bottom, click button, take head
45. Repeat this process to collect the heads of figures 2 and 3
46. In your inventory, rearrange the heads and the bodies and put them back on the wood device in the proper order [REARRANGED HEAD SOLUTION: the heads need to be placed in this order from left to right: green eyes, red eyes, blue eyes]
47. Click button, go left, turn out light, go left, note the numbers on the wall
48. Go right, turn light back on
49. Go right twice, click device on wall, insert coins in the order indicated by the numbers on the wall, click lever [FINAL COIN ORDER SOLUTION: 10, 3, 7, 5, 2 = X, III, VII, V, II = blue, red, orange, brown, grey]
50. Enter new hallway, exit room! Congratulations, you’ve reached the TRUE END!

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