Lights walkthrough

Take binoculars on shelf. Take note four dots on shelf
On sofa take game watch under right couch
Under sofa take chicken head and see pentagon connection
Click on left side of sofa, again at back, take paper ball. It’s a clue used later.
Click on right side of sofa. See what happens on pushing red button. Oooh, a screwdriver.
Look at shelf over sofa. Pick orange ruler besides green box. Put chicken head on green box. Still don’t know how to open.
Turn right
See note on top shelf (three spoilers)
See screw back dog’s photo frame. See roman numbers on cabin. Another screws on door panel
Turn right. Take yellow box in down drawer.
Test light on desktop (right to OFF left to ON) …umm remember the paper clue? ON is O and OFF is X…mmm
Click right side of desktop. Use ruler on letters to get the combination and write it (letters and forms)
Go to initial screen. Click on center picture to reveal 4×3 panel. See paper in inventory and letters/forms from ruler to get the sequence. Take the key.
Look up. Use binoculars and write down tic-tac-toe game. Turn right
Open top drawer with the key. Take hook and rope. Use them on screwdriver thru bars
Go to the red button, push it and grab the rope, screwdriver is out. Go for it.
Go to init screen. Click on leftmost plant and unscrew it. Take white box.
Go to chest. Use white box on key of the lock. White box opens. Take battery and put it on backside of the game watch.
Go to the Door’s screen. Unscrew the cabin (back the photo frame) and put it out. Open the hole on wall and write down the sequence. Take note red spiral on the floor.
Time to decode
Use the sequence combined with tic tac toe as this: if its L you write the tic-tac-toe sign on top right, if its a square, the center, if its an U the top center, if its a C the right middle sign.
Sequence changes every game
Go to the lamp, use sequence on buttons to get second battery. Put it on game watch
Play game and beat the record (6000). This will give the chicken head sequence to open green box.
Open green box turning the head and get…another screwdriver: S
Go to the door and unscrew the panel, use binocular to see the hanging key and series of arrows on hanger. Write it.
Attach the panel over red button on right side of sofa. Go to the hole (screwdriver was) and pick green key on a ramp at right side
Open the green wall box with key, push buttons on sequence written on hanger. Open the box, take slingshot. Pick base to reveal a hole.
Combine slingshot and nuts to shot the key thru hole on door. Two or three shots will take it down. Use binoculars to read number.
Tricky part: Put yellow box on four dots on shelf. Go back and let it charge. Now, its time to put the number written on the wall but we have only two buttons. Red is reset; right one adds seven and middle one multiply by ten…
I did it in this way: First, I got the most left two numbers (XX) adding seven again and again. No matter if you pass 100. Then multiply two times to get XX00 and use +7 button to get the most right two ones (XXYY)
The screen shows three roman numbers. Go for it
Put the roman’s on lock of the cabinet and get blue pet bowl. If you look back side, you will see a spiral (oooh…)
Put the blue bowl on hole on wall besides cabinet, see the dog video and realize the key in its mouth.
Go back and watch again the bowl. A ball will come rolling. Take it.
Time to throw the ball thru the hole on green safe on wall as seen on clue paper
Take the can, open it and feed the pet. It will give you the key.
Open the door and you will find a hall
Click on grid and push the red button on top. The picture frame will fall and there is a control panel…mmm duck, green grid, two buttons, light.
See the new code at backside of the door
Insert code and get the sun key
Use the sun key to open the door and you are OUT

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