7 Deadly Sins Walkthrough

1) Envy - To comitt the sin of envy you must firstly go to the woods and tell the nature lover there that you do not like nature. He'll then want to fight you. If you've been beefing yourself up at the gym this will be easy and you can defeat him and steal his binoculars. Then you need to go to the mansion house and use the binoculars to stare at all the lovely things this rich block has got. Train the binoculars on the highlighted window to raise the level of the envy-meter until you've done it.

2) Gluttony - This is easy. Go to the burger bar and basically eat until you're sick. You will need money to buy the food of course which you get from working.

3) Greed - Again this is pretty easy. Go to the workplace and play the hire 'em fire 'em game until you keep getting promoted. As well as earning money you will eventually be asked to downsize your team which will mean firing your co-working (or not). If you fire him you'll have comitted Greed.

4) Sloth - Again another easy one. Simply go to bed in your house one time after another.

5) Wrath - To do this go to the pub called the "Nobody Inn". Start and conversation with the guy that challenged you to do all the sins in the first place. If you give the right answers you'll fight him and once you've won (again make sure you're beefed up beforehand) you can cross Wrath off your list.

6) Pride - To complete this you need to enter and win the Daily Male competition at the Dive Bar. You will need to have visited the beauty salon before hand and increased your attractiveness rating. In the competition there are three rounds. Round one is looks so as said before make sure you've been primped up in the salon beforehand. Round two is the interview, as per the instructions just answer any controversial questions with "I like my hair" and answer the other questions with the obvious answers. Round three is the dance mat game which you can practise at anytime in the bar beforehand.

7) Lust - As you've probably noticed there are three "good looking" girls hanging around in the burger bar, the dive bar and the Nobody Inn (they rotate around these places). Each of them will be looking for a different thing in a man, one wants a fit man (i.e. work out) one wants a successful man (i.e. get promoted at work) and one want a good looking man (i.e. get primped at the salon). You can also buy them drinks to increase the lust rating but take note of what is their favourite drink. Eventually you'll be asked to pick one of the girls (which leads to amusing comments from the other two if you still chat to them) and once the lust meter is at max she'll ask you for a drink. You then play a little easy game of downing shot as you get drunker and drunk before your final night of passion!

For the first few days use the gym, the salon and the work place to increase your power, looks and money. This'll make the other tasks easier.

The ironic thing is, if you complete the game, i.e. comit all the sins, you actually loose in the end. Don't complete the sins and you win and go to heaven.

Still it was fun while it lasted!

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