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–Take the scissors. Click the phone. Leave the room.
–Take the flowers. Go east.
–Go east.
–Enter the bar.
–Click the two characters, get the watch and old pie.
–Wait until Tuesday morning. Swap pies (outside of bar).

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Rough Walkthrough, Before taking on a Boss, first read the "how to kill this boss" piece..
–Take the scissors. Click the phone. Leave the room.
–Take the flowers. Go east.
–Go east.
–Enter the bar.
–Click the two characters, get the watch and old pie.
–Wait until Tuesday morning. Swap pies (outside of bar).
–Click on the guard to get past, then go that way.
–Talk to Ludy, then go north.
–Click on the girl, get the ID Pass.
–Backtrack to the mayor's house, go in.
–Talk to the mayor, get the gun.
–Go to the graveyard, go in, ignore spiders, go north until you can't anymore, go west.
–Get the key. Backtrack to the door in the wall. Go in.
–Kill Eric.
–Get the shotgun, go north to the dead end, go east.
–Shoot the rock away.
–Kill the spider queen.
–Go up.
–Go to the mayor's and talk to him.
–Go west, blow open the fence. Go in.
–Go down the waterfall. Get the duck. Go West.
–Go north, and go east. Go in the west door, get scroll.
–Go north again, open the chest for a shield.
–Backtrack, go in the east door.
–Kill treasure hunters (shield vs. shotgun one, shotgun vs. shield one)
–Backtrack, talk to guy in front of bar for life, talk to lady at fountain on Sun. for bread, beat first gun game for life.
–Go back into cave, take west instead.
–Kill bandit king by using shield and headshotting.
–Talk to Lyla.
–Backtrack to mayor's house.
–On the 13th, go in your room for the dragon.
–On Thursday, go east of waterfall, click on tiny cave, get Gunx2.
–Go into little mask house, kill other hunter for pheonix.
–Go below the spider queen to kill Disaster.
–Talk to guy in house next to start for better shield.
–Kill Ludy to win game.

How to kill this boss...
-To beat Erik (first boss), just keep shooting him to give him no chance to shoot you. When he comes to the middle of the screen, he'll try to shoot. Also, blast the rocks to make them crumble and let you hit him while he's running around. When he hides under a rock, just wait for him to come out and blast him. When he's nearly dead, some zombies will summon, blast them then shoot him to death.
- To beet the Queen Spider (second boss), keep shooting her with your shotgun until she hides. When she does, she'll come first from the ceiling, then from the right wall, then from the floor, and then repeat from the ceiling again and so on, shoot her and her webs. After that, she'll create a giant web and start running around again like in the beginning, but this time summoning smaller spiders. Since your shotgun got a good range, many of the little spiders will die as soon as they leave the Queen Spider, shoot her and the lucky spiders that get away and you're done.
- To beat the Treasure Hunters, shoot the first one with your shield on until the second one comes out, then blast this one with your shotgun one time to take off his shield then again to hurt him, do this quickly to avoid him from shooting you when he puts his shield back. When both come at you, put your shield on and beat the one with the shotgun first, focusing your aim at the center of the screen, then get your shotgun again and finish the second.
- To beat the Bandit Leader, shoot him in his head and block his shots, you'll have to stop aiming at him to block some shots. He'll get Lila as a hostage later, just try not to hit her and keep the same strategy.
- To beat the third Treasure Hunter, keep your shield on and shoot him when he comes out, pay attention since there are four of pipes for him to come out from, and remember to block his shots.
- To beat Disaster, use the Dark Dragon at the beginning of the battle to hurt all its layers, then shoot him with dual pistols until he hits you. When he does, use the Phoenix and keep shooting it until he changes to the red layer. Get your shield on and shoot him until the third layer comes out, then blast it with dual pistols and get your shield when it comes up to block his shot. The fourth form will take a lot of patience since you'll have to block a lot and you'll have little time to shoot him, but just be patient and keep blocking and shooting when able to.
- To beat Ludy, get your dual pistols and shoot him until he hides behind the fountain, then get your shield on and shoot him until he stops shooting at you, then back to dual pistols until he hides again. Keep doing this until he starts teleporting. His teleport pattern is one time to the right of the fountain, one time further to the right and one time further to the left, and repeat. Just shoot him before he can attack. When he starts creating illisions of himself, his teleport pattern will be to the right of the fountain and further to the right only, keep shooting him before he attacks. His last form will be piece of cake if you have the Dark Dragon, just summon it and you're done. If not, shoot his bubble with the shotgun, but change to shield when he disappears to block his slash.

- To get the Shield, head for the end of the right corridor on the Bandits' Cave.
- To get the Dark Dragon, beat the Bandit Leader before the 13th day, then go to your house (when you can sleep) on day 13.
- To get the Phoenix, just beat the third Treasure Hunter.
- To get Dual Pistols, get the duck on the waterfall, then give it to the old lady near the fountain on a friday to get bread, then go to the Mushroom Cave on a saturday when the sun is out, in the scene where you can find a guy in white resting, then enter the house and give the bread to the monster there.
- To beat the 2nd minigame in the shop, blast the clock with Dual Pistols.
- Give the scroll found near the skeleton on the Bandits' Cave to the ugly guy near the old lady for extra life.

err. finished it myself.. But borrowed pieces of walkthrough.... Not totally my own work
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