Arcade Escape Walkthrough

1. Check between the seats
2. Go right and get flowers and rock toy for coin
3. Return to table, examine flowers, empty in ashtray & get coin.
4. Check end of table for ball
Use 500 coin on vending machine and get more coins.

5. Use coin & ball on pinball machine and get ball. Examine and get tissue.
6. Operate frog game. Get frog and examine.
7. Use coin on UFO catcher and get seal and scissors (use scissors and get batteries)
8. Go back to frog machine for screwdriver.
9. Use screwdriver on vending machine for light bulb and code (note).
10. Examine torch and assemble with bulb & batteries
11. Go to grey door and find key on exit sign above door. Wiggle handle to get key.
12. Enter room (you may need to go around the room first).
13. Find stick by stairs, open fuse box and exit to table and get part key. Attach to frog and exit.
There is an alternate ending using the arcade game.....

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