Wanpa Quest Another2 - Makaimon's Searching 2 for PC Walkthrough

1. Click on the left from the bed. Take a knife.
2. Click a few times on a pillow and get a hammer.
3. Turn left. Take a pencil from the middle shelf.
4. Take a screwdriver from the vase.
5. Use a hammer on the smashed statue in the bin a few times and get a golden key.

6. Zoom the clock and click on its left side. Use a screwdriver on a screw and take a battery.
7. Take a note (O) from the upper left of the ladder.
8. Get the blue tweezers from the right hand side of the cupboard.
9. Remember the colors of the books (B, O, G, R).
10. Take a yellow book and read it. Get a note (B).
11. Look at the shelf and take a torch.
12. Zoom the poster and use a knife and a pencil on it. Note the numbers.
13. Click a left leg of the table and take a note (R).
14. Turn left. Look at the bottom left corner of the house and take a note (G).
15. Move the curtains. Zoom the window and take a black rock (bottom right corner).
16. Use a hammer on the rock and get a battery.
17. Turn left. Put the batteries to the torch. Click under the bed. Use the torch and the tweezers. Get a red key.
18. Turn right twice. Use a red key on the chest and take USB key.
19. Zoom the computer. Turn it on. Type the code from the poster (310297) and press ok.
20. Use USB key on the slot. Count the figures. Turn the letters (colors of the books) to the figures and next to the numbers (B = 3, O = 9, G = 0 = x, R = 7). It means: 39 x 7 = 273.
21. Turn left. Use a screwdriver on the screw on the safe.
22. Zoom the panel. Put a code (273) and press ok. Take a silver key.
23. Turn left and go through the door.

Play Wanpa Quest Another2 - Makaimon's Searching 2 for PC

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