Casper's Haunted Christmas Walkthrough

LVl 1:
-pour the water into the fire
-plug in the lamp
-block upper door with broom
-wrigle the tv antenna
-block lower door with the chair
-put candle stick on the mantle piece

lvl 2:
-put the bone in front of the doghouse
-santa in the chimney
-bag in front of the door
-light the lamp
-unplug the xmas tree
-close the mail box

-stone on holly's car
-lower the hook
-adjust the focus on projector
-light car lights
-honk the horn

lvl 4:
-collapse the director's chair
-pull the left star
-pull the right star
-remove the supports from the roof above the door
-collapse the tree by clicking on the tree's support beam behind on the left side
-use the half moon

-turn on the water to the statue
-use the sign by the ice
-collapse the pavilion by removing the 4 pillars
-use rock on waste basket
-pick up the candy cane n use it on the hat then click on the snowball
-click on the leftmost xmas tree n you are done

Play Casper's Haunted Christmas

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