X-Mas Christmas Decorations Walkthrough

for the yellow tinsel:
"keep clicking the red orb until teddy comes out. then keep clicking his hand fire until your cursor is blinking. then click lightbulbs at top of screen to light them on fire. teddy will disapear and leave a yellow tinsil in his place"]

to turn the tree green:
"take green block off the top of the desk and place it on the X. then click on the wishlist and click WMD. now just click the 2nd red button at top right of screen"]

To get yellow orb:
"on the top right side of the door is a square. move it down to reveal the yellow orb"]

To get the purple orb:
"on the top left part of the screen, you can move part of the wall to the right to get the purple orb"]

To get star:
"keep clicking the small blue arrow on the present until the ribbon falls off. inside is the star"]

To get the cyan orb:
"open top left cabinet"]

To get white tinsel:
"on the right side of the door, it seems brighter on one area, click that area"]

To get red tinsel:
"its on the side of the poster next to the tree"]

To get the blue orb:
"move the panel on the wall next to the desk to the left. click the outlet and catch the orb as it comes down through the wire on the wall"]

To get the red orb:
"click on the computer screen then click the green button. drag away the paragraph under yahoo to find a red button click the red button, then a panel will open up. click the red button on the panel and your mouse will disapear. just right click to have your mouse reapear. now just click the red orb"]

To get green orb:
"drag the inventory away and it is in the carpet below the desk. to dig it out, just move your mouse back and forth over it a few times."]

Now to finish just click the star and watch!
hope this helps everyone.
happy holidays and a happy new year!

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