Get Out 2! v2.0 - Poker Night...? Walkthrough

-pick up cactus spine.
-turn to the poker table.
-pick up champagne bottle (note the stainish looking thing, that's where another key for the safe is located) and poker chips.
-using the "use" hand, turn over the cards until you find a key (veranda door).

-using the eye look under the table.
-pick up the red straw on the chair on the right hand side.
-using the mouth, lick the purple gum and pick it up.
-combine cactus spine and straw, in that order.
-using the straw/spine combo, throw it at the yellow balloon.
-pick up hair pin.
-turning left - pick up dirty bowling trophy and green book. click trophy stand to move it to the right stereo.
-you can use the "use" hand to turn on the stereo by clicking the purple buttons but i'm not sure what it's for.
-turn to the left - click on the red picture a bunch of times. a key for the safe should fall.
-use the eye to look at the lemon tree, something about a key should be mentioned. pick up the key.
-using the key that you found by overturning the cards, open the glass door.
-pull up the blinds.
-go outside...pick up flower and leaf.
-go back inside - you should be facing the clock again.
-turn to the right - open top drawer and pick up key (to open clock and get magnifying glass).
-use hair pin to open the bottom drawer, pick up key.
-use fist to click on rainbow painting, safe should be revealed. this is where you'll place the weird looking keys. they need to be placed in a certain order.
-use eye to zoom in on safe.
-use key found in bottom drawer to open door that in stereo side of room, leads to kitchen.
-open cabinets to collect spoon (use on dirt in veranda to find another key), knife (use on stain looking spot to reveal final safe key).
-open fridge to find cheese and soda.
-open freezer to find frozen bread.
-use knife to cut icicle.
-click on cabinets that are above the sink/counter, open to find plate and baking poweder.
-the object on top of the cabinet cannot be reached yet, same with matches on floor next to sink.
-put soda and baking powder in sink, respectively. purple bubbles should form.
-move the faucet tap in order to make room for the dirty gold plate, place gold plate in sink and voila you get a clean gold plate.
-turn to the left - open closet to find silver spraypaint and yellow tape.
-turn to clock and use "T" shaped key to open, click on the face of the clock and pick up glass.
-using knife and spoon, find the other two keys and place into safe. (snowflake key in bottom, star key in top, flower key in left and club key in right).
-place plate onto the hook thingy next to satellite dish, place frozen bread on top. use glass and click frozen bread to defrost.
-place leaf on plate and repeat above process to burn leaf.
-use spraypaint on satellite dish to redirect light into room.
-place gold trophy on stand that should be on top of right stereo.
-click on satellite dish to redirect light directly onto trophy.
-make sure the light is hitting the upper right hand corner of safe, click the right key.
-place icicle in slot corresponding with snowflake key, flower with flower key, and burned leaf with club key.
-turn each key
-pick up new key, open door next to safe. (end of first half of game)

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