Stuck Inside Walkthrough

1. Focus in on the door and get the power connector that is just to the left hand side near the bottom.
2. Go under the desk and connect up the PC.
3. Focus in on the CD-Rom drive, open it and get the green key.
4. Go to the book case and get the red key that is in the black book on the middle shelf.

5. Go back to the desk and open the top drawer by using the red key.
6. Get the hammer.
7. Go to the TV, go "behind" it and then using the hammer smash a hole in it.
8. Get the florescent tube from the TV.
9. Go to the bookcase and focus in on the battery charger. Plug the florescent tube into the battery charger.
10. Go to the scene with the TV and focus in on the little box on the left hand side.
11. Using the green key open the box and turn the power off.
12. Go to the stool and look under it. The light from the florescent tube will show a password. (x572)
13. Turn the power back on.
14. Go to the PC and type in the password.
15. To open the safe you need the password from the game. A link to it will appear on the PC. (access)
16. Go to the safe and open it, you'll get a knife.
17. Go back under the desk and look on the right hand side. There's some chewing gum.
18. Use the knife to break the chewing gum to get a yellow key.
19. Use the yellow key to escape.

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