Locked Forever 6 Walkthrough

1. get the key from below the mirror on the desk thing
2. click on the black coat pocket and get that key
3. go right
4. grab the key from the bottom left corner
5. get another key on the book case((second shelf on the right))

6. lift up the end of the couch on the left
7. grab the black box from the bookcase((3rd shelf on the left))
8. click on the black box
9. hit the middle button then the left then the right((if it doesnt work the first time reset it))eventually you will get the key
10. move right
11.grab the key from the side table in the bottom left hand corner
12. go right
13. click on the pot and grab the blue key, you will also get the pot
14. go to the sink and click on the blue button
15. put the pot under the running water to get a pot full of water
16. go right
17. put the blue key into the side of the dresser with the mirror
18. get the red key from the bottom drawr
19.put the red key into the end table on the side
20. get a key from the top drawr
21. get a green box from the bottom one
22. get the screwdriver from the top of the coat rack
23. go right twice
24. use the screw driver on the bottom left corner of the picture to get another key
25. get another key from the ground near the bottom right hand corner of the screen
26. click on the green box and use the tannish color key to get your last yellow key

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