Wogger Mini Chapter 16 Walkthrough

1. click on the bricks just under the rope on the right.
2.click on the bottom of the rope - note he cant reach it.
3. click and drag the rock that he had been standing on, bring it under the rope.
4. now wogger can climb the rope, but he will slide down...as he climbs up, or if he slides down, click on wogger just as he reaches a little shelf in the wall.

5.click further along the shelf.
6. click just underneath that, he will descenda little bit.
7. click the end of the left rope - he will climb over and hang from the rope.
8.nudge him with the mouse - he will swing over to the next wall and sit down.
9. dont click underneath him cos that will make him fall, and you will have to start again. instead, clickin the dark spot above him, in what looks like the ceiling.
10. FIN! congrats

Play Wogger Mini Chapter 16

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