CDX - International Free Version Walkthrough

As soon as the scene opens, go out of the southeast room. Go right and right again, then left on the far right edge, all the way to the top. Left and then right, into the room across from the left set of stairs. This has to be done without hesitation, or you'll be caught.

Wait until the guard comes from the far right and turns down right below you. When he starts to turn the corner and go out of your sight, come out of the room and go to the electrical room at the top center. A screen with a breaker box will open. Turn off the doors on the 1st floor. DO NOT turn on the lights. Wait until 2 guards meet in the top hall and go down the 2nd hall to your right. As soon as they do, go out of the electrical room and to the left set of stairs. There will be a guard coming to the top hall on the right side that looks like he will see you, but he'll turn around before entering the top hall.
After going up the stairs, you'll be on the 1st floor. All the guards will be sleeping if you didn't turn on the lights in the electrical room. Go from the stairs in the center left to the stairs in the top left, and go down them. Now you're back on the ground floor. Go to the other electrical room. Turn on the breakers for lights and doors in the basement. Get ready to turn off the main breaker. Once you do, 3 of the 4 guards will freeze. The other one will rush to the electrical room to restore power. If he's far enough away, run for the stairs, and immediately go through the door when you reach the basement. As soon as Liz says she has it and Adam says "let's get you out of there," go back toward the stairs. It's always the same guard, so you can play with him a couple times. Turn off the breaker, see who comes running, then let him get a good distance away before turning it off again. Note that the door and light switches will also be reset after he turns the power back on.
Once you have the dagger, messing with the breakers won't do you much good. Pass by the electrical room on the ground floor and stop before you go up the stairs. Click on the 1st floor tab and watch the guards, making sure they're stuck in the rooms below the central hallway, or will be as you go by. Go back down by the left center staircase to the ground floor.
On the ground floor, I kinda just had to get lucky. You can pretty well stay in the room at the bottom of the stairs indefinitely, and make a break around the far left edge of the room to the front door.

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