Chojin Adventure - Convulsions Walkthrough

1) After the intro, you come to a greyish screen. Click on the arrow to continue. And again after the next screen (which indicates the text box and inventory boxes).

2)You start off at home when there is a blazing fire on the ironing board. You -cannot- leave (i.e. don't click on blue arrow) before the fire is out or your house will burn down and it'll be game over. What you have to do is:

-Click on the cupboards on the character's right to zoom in.
-Select the iron from your inventory. Chojin will smash the cupboard using that.
-Click on the cupboard that is broken open, and click on the items inside. (The orange bottle and the spiky yellow thing. You will only be able to keep the bottle.)
-Go back to the main room screen.
-Click on the ironing board to zoom in.
-Click on the orange bottle. It's contents (expired orange juice) will be used to put out the fire.
-Now you can leave the house safely.

a) The different places you can go to are a cave-like building, which is the first yellow button from the left (for convenience L-R buttons will be namd a,b,c,d,e,f). You can see one man there. He asks for a password, but in the beginning of the game you don't know what it is and the only options are guesses which are incorrect. This is a kind of club where young people go to meet. Chojin perceives the guard to be a kind of terrorist...

b) Home. Where you can't go back to until you've got the magazine!

c)The bookstore. You can pick up the magazine from the rack in the foreground, but you don't have any money yet so leave it first. If you want to talk to the storekeeper nevertheless,

2 options:
i)Why do we have such little dialogue? (She will ask you to either buy something or leave, then the character thinks to himself, "she has no sense of humour.")
ii) Never mind. (This ends the conversation.)

d) A bar on a street corner.

-Click on the man on Chojin's left to talk to him. Chojin is the one to the left of the man reciting numbers.
Man (Jianshu, a friend of Chojin's): "It is not often that you come by here, having nothing else to do."
Weird Robot thing: "But Jianshu has no spare change to buy you a drink!"
You: 3 options:
i) Jianshu! I'm dead for sure...I need your help! (Chojin will continue to say, "I have made a terrible mistake and I will be dead if I cannot resolve it before the day is over."
Jianshu: Admit your mistake to yourself. Going on like this is not the way."
Chojin (thinks): "This is a matter of my life..."
Jianshu: "How about this, I'll finish my drink and give you the empty bottle." (You acquire an empty bottle)
Chojin: "...when a friend's life is in danger, you would give him an empty 2 zeny bottle?!"
Robot: "Don't underestimate the powers of conserving the environment...")
ii) How do I get free? (He will tell you that there is a little X in the top right hand corner of the window and all you have to do is click on it.) :P
iii) I won't disturb you. (ends conversation.)

e) I think this is the palace army's headquarters. (I'm not very good at reading traditional Chinese...)

You see a man (Shenmicao) who is again moody from emotional stress.

It's all conversation, so essentially:

He's a little upset because he feels useless when chasing after a girl. Also because his job is too "normal" and he doesn't have a striking personality like his friends. (At this point Chojin thinks, "And so you are implying that I am not normal..?") Shenmicao wants Chojin to show him how to have a more interesting personality. Chojin jokes and says, "Wear slippers, ride motorbikes and go after girls saying "PiaoPiaoMM" or to take the burnt magazine and put it on his head. Obviously it seems quite pointless so don't bother talking to the guy after reading this. (If in doubt end conversations by clicking on the last conversation option..)

f) It's the office of a company. I'm not sure what it is for, but that is not too important.

-Take the orange bottle on the extreme right of the counter.(Chojin thinks it looks poisonous and won't drink it. I assume it is very strong alcohol..)
-If you try and talk to him, he will ignore you.
-Leave for the moment.

-> Go back to the street bar.
-Click on the man reciting numbers. Someone will come and kick him away. Pick up whatever is left behind.
-Talk to Jianshu. This time, when you get to the options, choose the last one. It says, "Have you ever seen such a drink before?"(referring to orange bottle you picked up at office.) Jianshu: "This is a drink that has poisoned many...Give it to me and I will deal with it." Chojin: "That's it?" Jianshu: "That's it." Chojin: "Won't you give me a way out of this problem?"
Jianshu: "That I already did. What, did you think this was some sort of crude RPG?"
Chojin (thinks): Yes...
Robot: "I remember something someone told me when I visited the "Go and Die" society." (This society meets at the club, (a).) "In the corner of the city there is a place where good people and society members meet" And he then gives you the password. Which means "Long live the Go and Die society!"
-Then you can finish the conversation. The text box will say: Find a way to fill up the bottle.

-> Go to the club, (a).
-This time when you give the password, choose the fourth option, and you will be allowed in.
-Talk to the man standing between the glowing things. (Let's call him Mao for short.)
Mao: "Chojin...? Surely married people are not allowed to join the society?"
Chojin will have four options. As usual the last ends the conversation.
i) Chojin: "I'm stuck! Help me!
Mao: On my journeys I have been stuck before...but here, here I am always welcome."
Chojin: " that so...(doesn't know what to say)"
ii) Chojin: "Can I use your wine barrel? I need a little share of your wine."
Mao: "A lot of the wine was consumed during a large event prior to this.
I need to lead a journey today, but the wine is almost all gone, so it is not convenient to give you any at the moment. I'm sorry."
Chojin: (2 options: i) "But...but...!" ii) "When you get back, you can water my grave with your wine!") Both have the same response.
Mao: "I'm sorry. The society cannot back out from the journey now. I cannot help you."
iii) Chojin: "Mao? How did you get so snappy? What is that red glow around you...something with snappy powers?"
Mao: "It is...strength energy...It disregards love and values friendship...true strength energy"

-Then ends the conversation. Leave the place.
-Zoom in on the guy who ignored you.
-Click on the blue paper that you had picked up earlier at the bar.
-Chojin will wave it at the guy and he will leap over the counter.
-The counter is now empty. Click the region behind the counter and Chojin will pick up a blue loud hailer.

->Go back to the club.

-Talk to Mao again. This time click on the second conversation option.
-Continue until you see another set of options. It is the same set as before, only this time there is one more (the last one) which says, "I will give you this loud hailer."
-Chojin will give it to Mao. "You started drinking because you wanted to be louder. But I have something better: A loud hailer."
Mao, "Ooh~~ Great!" (He receives it.) "The rest of the wine is of no use to me, take however much you like...even though there is only a little bit left."
-End the conversation with the last option.

-Behind Chojin there is guy next to a wine dispenser. (Sorry, previously I got it wrong...thought it was a wine barrel...) Click on the dispenser to zoom in.
-Click on the dispenser again.
-Then click the empty bottle. It will fill up with wine.

-> Now go back to the army HQ (e).

-Talk to Shenmicao again.
-Select the first option.
-Continue until you hit the next set of options. Click on the last one. It says, "At times such as these, have a bit of wine. It may help you calm down."
-Shenmicao will start reeling.
-Click on the first conversation option.
-And again the first on the next set. (Shenmicao is pretty drunk, that was some strong drink!)
-He will give you some money! YAY~
(At this point I realised zeny is actually their currency... O.o)

->Go to the bookshop.

-*scene*: Chojin finds that someone has already bought the last copy of that magazine! Oh no...Well, they go to fight it out in court because she won't let him have it.
-The judge says some things. Then you come to a where this shocked looking man is. The text appearing is green. Select the green option at the top left of the screen. (The orange one is pointless because Chojin has nothing he can use for that.)
-Click on the arrows to continue.
-Some guy in a suit will rush in and there will be an explosion.
-Two people will appear talking to each other, and the explosion will blow them up and Chojin will tumble out, along with the copy of the magazine.

-Roll credits! Yay game completed! ^^

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