Civille Walkthrough

Gameplay: This is a third person point and click game. The main menu has new game, load game, options, quit and credits.

The general options are subtitles and show possible combinations. The graphics options are choices for monitor resolution, texture resolution and gamma. The master, music, voice, effects and ambient sound volume selections are found under the sounds options.

ESC key exits the game and accesses the gameplay menu. The gameplay menu has continue, load game, save game, options, quit and credits.

During gameplay, right click of mouse is used to get a closer look at an item; left click is the action mode. To leave a close-up, click on door icon at top right of screen.

Dialogue and action can be skipped by left mouse click. Double clicking makes the character run or double click on edge of the screen to make a fast transition to next screen.

To save a game, click on the 'save game' text under the picture frame. The saved game can be named or deleted. An auto save is done every 5 minutes of gaming and is a default. It is best to delete some of the not needed auto saves regularly if you save games manually
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Mean and nasty King of Faeryanis named Ceville sits on his throne deciding the case of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. Click on any selection. Another item to decide on is government decision about mine manager.

2 guards arrive and state that the Rebels are attacking the castle. The guards have joined the rebels.

Vertically challenged Ceville needs to get to the cellar and the hidden magic portal.

Act 0: Fugitive

Escape the throne room.

Ceville has his multi-function scepter. Look around and check Brunhilda's portrait, window, large statue and rope behind the throne.

Rope: Click on rope behind the throne and see that the 2 metal globes hold the rope.

Go to bottom screen by guard and try to take the axe on the wall. Too high.

Use scepter with axe. Use axe with rope behind the throne. Take rope.

Statue: Use axe with rope to get boarding axe. Use boarding axe with large Ceville statue behind the throne.

The guards stop Ceville from throwing the rope. The big guard is hungry.

Talk to the guards. The first choice will move the game forward. The other dialogues are funny though.

The guards leave. Use boarding axe with large Ceville statue behind the throne again.

Watch Ceville.

Civille Walkthrough

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