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A note about the screenshots: In general, items I've circled in green are either things that you can pick up, or people that you can talk to. Items circled in red are ones that you can examine. I've also marked the exits in blue so you can see where on the screen you have to click to go to a new location.

Farm House Entrance

Read the instructions about how to control Eve, then scroll your mouse over to the right side of the screen until you see the cursor turn blue and the words "Go to the front door" appeal across the top of the screen. Click to make Eve walk to the front yard.
Front Yard

Items to examine: A window
Items to take: An empty bucket
Items to use: A pump; a bell
Exits: Enter the house; Return to the farm entrance

Here you'll learn about inventory items. Follow the prompt and click on the bucket that the giant green arrow is pointing to in order to pick it up. (Click on the bucket, then click on the Hand icon to add it to Eve's inventory.) You can see what's in your inventory at any time by clicking the Inventory button in the top right corner of the screen.
Follow the prompts again. Click on the Inventory button, click on the bucket to select it, then click on the red pump in the center of the screen. (You'll know you're in the right place when the words "a pump" appear.) Click on the pump to set the bucket down in front of it, then click the pump again select the Hand icon to pump water into the bucket.
Click on the large brown door to enter the farmhouse.

Items to examine: Eve's Portrait; A Rose; Slippers
Exits: Go Left through the doors; Go Right through the doors

Examine the three items with your magnifying glass, then take the left doors first.
Dining room

Exits: Approach the cupboard; Return to the hallway

Click on the cupboard to take a closer look.

Items to take: bottle; statue; kitchen knife
Items to examine: plates; tea cups; a pie;
Exits: Step away from the cupboard.

Click on the bottle in the upper left and examine it twice to discover that it contains petroleum. Then click the Hand icon to pick it up.
Examine and pick up the statue to the right of the bottle.
Examine the row of plates, the row of tea cups, and the pie.
Finally, pick up the kitchen knife.
Scroll your mouse to the bottom of the screen until the cursor turns blue, then click to step away from the cupboard.
Return to the hallway, and go through the right doors
The Legend of Crystal Valley Walkthrough 1
The Legend of Crystal Valley Walkthrough 2

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