Escape the Bathroom Walkthrough

Right here is the full walkthrough:
1. Grab the pluger, click on the toilet bow and use the plunger with it, you will then have a stick and the rubber end.
2. Look into toilet cistern and use rubber end as replacement for the valve.
3. Use stick on mirror, and take the shard of glass.
4. Open cupboard and get box of baking soda and label.
5. press down the plug and turn on hot water in sink. When full, put in baking soda.
6. Turn to the exit door and click on the second from left tile nearest the door and pick up the wrench.
7. Turn back to toilet, and turn handle to turn water on for toilet using the wrench. Then go onto the cistern and flush toilet. Go to toilet bowl and grab key.
8. Use key with lock on mirror cupboard and take out toothbrush, pill bottle, floss and razor.
9. Then dip toothbrush into sink (NOTE: water may be too cold and require you to redo step 5 after undoing the plug. You then have baking soda covered toothbrush.
10. Click up to ceiling and use stick to keep clicking on raised tile, do so until hairdryer comes out and grab it.
11. Go to battery pack and clean off the knobs on top with toothbrush, then dry with hairdryer. Then attach wires by clicking on them.
12. Click on the wall in front and clean off grey patch with razor. and then place glass shard next to it. You should discover the code 45801 (the 453 and the 10E reflection from above toilet). Type this code into the box next to the bathtub. Turn handle with wrench.
13. Turn tap on in bathtub and then use hairdryer in it. ELECTRIC SPARS AND LIGHTS GO OFF. Door is now un-lasered and you can pass through.

Hope this helped

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