Haunted Walkthrough


Go in house and collect the electric cord located under the light switch. Plug one end in the outlet next to it.

Exit house and go left.

Click the 2nd and 5th buttons to turn it on. Now plug in the other end of the cord.

Go in house and turn on light.

Click on desk.

Collect handkerchief and diary page. Also click picture frame and note the II and the date.

Click out and collect crowbar from bookshelf.

Higher on the shelves, collect Christmas card (note I).

There is also a book you're able to move here, take a look at it.
You need to reach the top of the bookshelf. Click and drag the chair over and up towards the bookshelf to collect Plate. (You know you can get up there when the arrow prompt shows.)

Scroll your cursor right above the boxes and see an arrow.

Collect battery and wipe away the rust with handkerchief. Note the missing numbers.

Use the crowbar to move the desk. Now open the hidden door using the missing numbers in numerical order.

When solved correctly, collect key and diary page (note III).

Go right and collect flashlight located under the broom.

Open door with key.

Open mirror to collect battery and diary page.

Collect the diary page located on the bed.

Click right.

There is a clickable hotspot on the headboard of the bed, click this to collect the Tape Recorder.

Click the calendar. In order from left to right, note the numbers. If you notice the colors of the calendar, you'll see that it's indicating that these numbers are to be used on a keyboard.

Collect the diary page on the dresser, next to the stack of books.

Pick up keyboard and install the batteries. Turn it on.
Count the keys from left to right. Just plug in the numbers with the number key they're associated with. That's all.

When done right, you'll get a key.

Go right.

Enter the door to your right (the bathroom).

Click on the sink and collect Oil and Screwdriver

Click on the tub.

Collect diary page in lower left of screen and use screwdriver to remove metal panel. Collect diary page.

Click toilet.

Open trash bin and collect zodiac sheet. Scroll towards top of screen and click on arrow. Open tank lid and collect key.

Go back to bedroom.

Click on wardrobe.

Open wardrobe and collect Mother Goose page for Baa Baa Black Sheep. Take note of the second paragraph.

Click on box at bottom of wardrobe and use "Padlock."

Going vertically from top to bottom, recite the alphabet and click the button matching the letter in the word. When done correctly you can collect Plate and dairy page.

Exit bedroom.

Click on clock and use Oil.

Consult nursery rhyme page's second paragraph. Note the numbers and their references towards size.

When placed correctly, you'll get a key and a note about the Plates and flashlight.

Go back into bedroom.

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Catalyste said...

Walkthrough (pt 2)

Consult the note you just got.

Turn off light.

Combine the plates as shown in the diagram. They'll glow and merge. Click on the item and it'll go into your inventory.

Place plate on stool.

Facing the bloody text, click on the plate.

Notice the zodiac signs.

Consult the dates on the notes marked with I, II, and III and locate their respective zodiac signs.

In a counter-clockwise motion, locate the signs in numerical order of those marked notes.

When done correctly the plate will glow.

Use your flashlight and click on the plate to reveal the map.

You can click out to see it on the wall.

It's also noted in your notes.

Turn light on.

Move wardrobe with crowbar by clicking and dragging the lower left leg.

Collect diary page.

Enter corridor and collect Mother Goose page.

Read it for clue. Click pocket of skeleton for diary page.
Click the left rib area to collect Rib.

Click skull to make it fall and plug in tape recorder here.

Unlock all three doors, don't enter yet.

Turn on tape recorder and enter room.

Collect hatchet on lower-left of screen and shoelace in the middle left of screen.

Combine Rib, Shoelace, and Hatchet.
Collect new item and use it on boy.

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