Escape from the Stone Age Walkthrough


go left, pick up the URN and the STICK on the ground, and the flint KNIFE on the table

all the way to the right, pick up the ROPE from the tree

back to main screen, go forward (top arrow) and pick up the MALLET HEAD from the ground

About Item on the mallet head, add the stick and then the rope to get a TOMAHAWK

throw the tomahawk at the wooly mammoth guarding the door (it lands by the skull on the previous screen, grab it when you go back) then use the knife to get a STEAK
feed the steak to the sleeping creature by the trees, and get ACCESS CARD

use access card to open the door, pick up BOWL by the car, then enter mouse hole

highlight your tomahawk and get ready to play Whack-a-Mole. Hit the white button on the wall, then whack the DUCK a few times until you can pick him up

give the duck to the girl from the main screen. she gets very sad and leaves cursewords (maybe the duck was her pet and you killed it, ya big meanie)

pick up the large SYMBOL, and put it next to the tree on the right

once the monkey comes down, feed him with the food from the bowl, and he throws up. Catch the vomit with the newly-emptied bowl

back to the cave, click the panel on the side of the car. Fuel is empty. fill it with the vomit, and the liquid that you didn't know was inside the urn. (the panel to the left of the gauge opens for you to fill it)

open the door, and you're back to the future

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