Alcatraz Cell Escape Walkthrough

Things to brag b4 building the drill
-Faucet spout - on the sink
-Bible - on the top shelf
-Drill Bit - open bible and flip to the last page
-Tin Can - top shelf next to bible
-Kinfe - move the toilet paper and ull see it
-Metal Stick - move one screen to the right from where u started(ull see a bed) and use ur knife and touch the RIGHT (top) of the bed where the bronze looking thing is
-Curved Metal Stick - Use the metal stick and hit the grate (wire) in the bottem left corner.
-Door handle - on the door
-Toilet handle - Use the grate on it and itll come off

-NOw click on the can and open it (about item)
-flip it (touch the bottem) and use the knife on it (ull have a metal disk)
-(READ THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH B4 GIVING UP)use the knife again to make a weird symbol (If THIS doesnt work, then click on the poster in the game and then it should). CLick on the thing one more time to make a triangle thing out of the tin can top
-exit out of the picture, click on the drill tip (click about item) and then attach the triangle to the drill.
- attach the TOILET handle to the drill (triangle thing)
- attach the faucet (L shape) to the drill
- attach the bent metal bar to the drill
- attach the door handle to the drill
Go to the door and use it on the key

Source: Escape Games 24

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