Alice in Wonderland Walkthrough

get EGG and put it on the nest
click rabbit, and alice will jump into the hole
go left, and get ONION.
go right twice. get ARTIFICIAL TOOTH
go left. give ONION to crab.
give ARTIFICIAL TOOTH to lizard.
get SCREW (for winding toys).
go right. use SCREW on robot. get CAKE
go left. click on alice so she jumps on hole. go right again
give CAKE to plate on the table. alice will eat it and grow bigger.
get TEETHING RING (pacifier) on alice’s hair ribbon.
go left twice. get TEETHING RING to baby. get SUNGLASSES
go right twice. give SUNGLASSES to the sun. alice will shrink again
get BLOCK OF GREEN on the left side of diamond guard. click under pot to reveal KEY.
go left twice. use KEY on drawer. get UNUSUAL CLOTHES (card guard’s uniform)
go right twice again. give UNUSUAL CLOTHES to alice so she can pass through.
well, it’s like tetris game. use BLUE BOX and GREEN BOX on the blank spot (you’ll notice if you can figure it out that it’s actually alice’s path to the door on the right

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