Bustin Blocks Ice Edition Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough for the AMAZING new physics-based game from AddictingGames! You have to move ice bricks to solve levels, and this is a walkthrough for the 30 levels in the puzzle mode. A fun game to use your brain, fingers and your time.
FINALLY, I am finished, and believe me, YOU DON'T WANNA KNOW ABOUT IT! Well, if you do wanna now, then here:

1. I made 30 clips for each level. I missed alot and had to restart the recording all over again many times on most of the levels

2. When finally finished recording, I put it together in 3 different parts and it took about 30 minuts in total, and I finally got the 3 clips I needed!!

3. Now's the WORST part. The clips were in average, 130 MB! First I uploaded the first video to youtube and it took 30 minutes to do it. But when I relized that there was a huge mistake on the first video, I had to remove it and put it together at again, cause I had mixed the clips. First it was lvl 1, then 4 and then 10. After putting it together correctly, I used another 30 minutes to upload the video + 10 minutes to publish the video from the video editing software! When finally uploaded, I uploaded the next one which took 40 minutes. And then the last one in 50 minutes

Bustin Blocks - Levels 1-10 Walkthrough

Bustin Blocks - Levels 11-20 Walkthrough

Bustin Blocks - Levels 21-30 Walkthrough

Source Walkthrough By Prid Bustin Blocks Ice Edition

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