Funny Graduation Walkthrough

1- first your going to click the green thread on the bottom of the table until it straightens out then to the right of the screen theres a blue it and get the tape inside of it then move your mouse above where it says class of 2009 there should be an it this leads to the top view you then click your tape (it should disappear out of your inventory..this means your using it) then click the green thread you should see a piece of tape on the thread...still on the top view look to the left and see theres a statue guy click the marbles around him and they should go to your inventory then go back to the front view and click your marbles they should appear by the taped thread click done and you will see the guy trip.
2- now look the left you should see a red purse click it and get the metal bar thing click it then click it out of your inventory then click the red nail that sticking up in the front of the room then click the arrow up and click the 2 nails that are sticking up and the metal bar should open up the floor board click the arrow to go back down and click done you should see the guy fall through the floor.
3-ok now click up and get the glue the page holder the gold sheet and the medal go back down and click the glue and the medal and the page holder and the gold sheet then click the new medal and click the award guy and he should look to the right and you click done and watch the guy fall.
4-ok click the black thread thats hanging behind the award guy till its longer the arrow up and click the lady thats sparkling go back down and click the earring and then click the thread it should make a hook then click done and watch it hook the guys degree.
5-ok click the three scarves that three ladies are wearing then click the basket and click them together in the inventory and then when there together click the paint can to the left of the screen and then click those together and then click up by the addicting games sign and they should be up there then click the rope to the left and click it again out of your inventory and then click the left totem thing it should wrap around it then look up aand get the glue go back down and click the glue to the rope on the totem pole and do it to the one on the right then click the graduetes on the left it should stick to them and then click done it should ruin the picture.

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