Dream House Escape Walkthrough

Partial Walkthrough: Done by room, not by order.


Dining Room:
Blue building block infront of couch.
Blue key side of tv.
Wooden box/Steel broadsword farther on side of tv.
Living Room:
Yellow building block left of stairs.
Set clocks time gained from combined music sheets.
Insert complete building block for gold medal.

Block left of picture.
Knock down picture, insert King rat badge for dry cell.
Insert dry cell in flashlight.
Cut hole with sword for green building block.

Corner of Porch:
Wall code = 97642

Store Room:
Flashlight on ground.
Use toilet brush with toothpaste on drawings for Blue Bathroom code.

Close map, cyan building blocks on corner lamp.

Toothpaste under sink.
Fuchsia building block left of toothpaste.

Purple Single Room:
Free girl, do not accept help.

Art Room:
Use perfume on painting.
Turn light off for office door code.

Red building block on side of fridge.

Guest Room:
Paper slip on chair.
Insert blocks from smallest to largest number and enter block code (Match blocks symbol with calendar to find number, convert those numbers to alphabet counterpart, find that letters atomic number and enter from largest to smallest [ie. blocks = 2 16 25 on calendar, alphabet conversion = B P Y, atomic numbers = 05 15 39, code = 391505])

Secret Chamber:
Collect silver medal.
Open hydraulic drive and collect bronze medal. (turn on all green lights by turning sinks either on or off in Bathroom of Guest Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Blue Bathroom and Locker room)

Bathroom of Guest Room:
Collect water faucet.


Store Room:
Password box on shelf.

Ping Master Room:
Record left of tv.
Perfume in upper left corner view from chair view.
Take gold hilt steel broadsword and replace with iron hilt broadsword.
Move shelf.
Use CD-ROM with tv and pause on 3rd screen for Partition Floor entrance.
Collect diary with coin and wifes birthday (0423) from floor once shelf is moved back.

Blue Master Room:
Note calendar.

Partition Floor:
Grab key and lighter with crowbar.

Dining Room:
Block on coffee pot.

Hallway of Office Area:
CD-ROM on picture.
Enter code from 1F painting.
Button moves wall.
Swords used to enter Reception Room.

King rat badge on plant.

Put battery in hole, flip switch.
Flip switch again after unlocking door to Blue Bathroom.

Blue Bathroom:
Power diamond in sink.
Toilet brush in corner, apply toothpaste.
Enter code from 1F Storeroom.

Use flashlight for crowbar.

Manager Room:
Storage battery in corner.

Bathroom of Reception Room:
Master code on window once shelf is replaced.
Insert silver medal ONLY if you have the gold medal to insert right after. (if panel is not open, move shelf in Pink Master Room again)
Collect purple key.
Insert bronze medal for diamond.

Reception Room:
Power diamond in box behind left couch.
Insert coin in phone.
Enter wifes birthday (0423) to turn time travel on/off.

10 days earlier:
Whiteboard pen across from door lock.
Use pen on bottom right corner of whiteboard for password box code.
Enter mastercode into office computer, choose either doorway (I preferred the left option)
Use strange paper with managers computer for building block order.

Locker Room:
Attach water faucet.


Recreation Room:
Saffron yellow key on pool table.
Open manhole with crowbar.

Drawing Room:
White key in pot.
Click pictures in order of life span (mice, rabbit, cat, boy, turtle, dragon) and take paper.

Spitball on floor, unfold.

Green key on table.
Light fireplace with lighter.
Combine music sheets for clock time.
Block right of fireplace.

Dream House Escape Walkthrough

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