Sagrario’s Room Walkthrough

Walkthrough! And for those of you going nuts, I promise to be clear about my left and my right!

Okay, just hit refresh so I'm starting from scratch and playing through as I type.

You start facing a briefcase on the floor. The door is behind you. On the left wall are TWO panels with buttons to open them, along with an electric outlet (some folks called it a socket in other comments); and on the right is a picture of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man".

Look behind the briefcase on the right side to get a silver key.

Turn left; the LEFT panel will open immediately when you press the button. There is a vial inside; view it, and you will see that it contains a small slip of paper.

Turn left; there is your door, only it's missing its handle, and the chair in front is bolted to the floor. Zoom in on the LEFT side of the chair and click underneath to get a piece of paper. It says that you must press and HOLD a button for ten seconds. We'll get back to that in a moment, for now just turn left so we can finish our tour of the room.

Ahh, da Vinci... along the LEFT side at the bottom is a keyhole, covered by a small battery. Take the battery, and you can fit the silver key inside. Vitruvian Man lifts up to reveal a combination safe and a black key.

Turn left. You are facing the briefcase; in the RIGHT corner you will find a loose floorboard. We'll get back to that. For now, use the black key on both latches of the briefcase, then click on the lid to open it. TOOLS!! CLUES!! W00t!!

You should now have a Swiss Army Knife (now you are INVINCIBLE), a laser pointer that doesn't work, a colored cube, and a manila envelope. Inside the envelope is a paper that simply says "Good luck".

View the laser pointer, then click on the mini battery and add it to the pointer. Unlike a lot of games, you don't need to turn the pointer around or open it or any of that. Just click and you will see a "power" icon in the top left. Looks like you'll need more batteries.

View the Swiss Army knife. For you Americans old enough to remember, you are now able to compete with MacGuyver... if you click on the knife, you will get four different tools out of it - a knife, can opener, screwdriver, and corkscrew. Sweeeet.

Select the corkscrew. View the vial, then use the corkscrew to open it and take out the slip of paper. It will say "XX = "... some number. The first time I played it was 13; at the moment, it's 39. Note it down somewhere if you like; I like to keep a notebook at the computer desk when I'm playing these games.

Turn left, and I'll continue this walkthrough in part 2.
Walkthrough part 2.

Okay, you're facing the wall with the two panels and the outlet, right? We have a Swiss Army knife and we're feeling creative... and maybe a little destructive... so let's check out that outlet.

View and select the knife blade from the Swiss Army knife. Use it to pry the cover off of the outlet. Then view again, and select the screwdriver. Use that to remove the outlet completely, and you will find another battery for the laser pointer.

Select the pointer, add the battery, and note that the power icon is still not full. We need another battery, it seems.

Zoom out, and go to the RIGHT side panel, the one that is still closed. Remember the note that said we needed to hold a button for ten seconds? Do that. You don't have to keep track; just hold the button down until the lid opens and startles you. You will find another key panel, this one with a picture of a cube along the top, and a gold bar. Dude, we can't get out but we have gold now?

Turn right. Go to the loose floorboard in the RIGHT corner, and use the gold bar to weigh it down on one end. Looks like there is a string holding the board in place. Okay, we have a knife and we know what to do with it - just make sure the blade is selected and not the can opener or something, or it won't work.

Remove the gold bar, then the board, and you will find a UV lamp("black light"). It doesn't work. This should not surprise you.

In our first tour of the room, I forgot to have you zoom in on the RIGHT side of the chair. When you do, you will find a third mini battery resting on top of the wood trim along the floor, right up next to the door frame. Add that battery and shine your laser at any convenient surface!

You will see a combination that is different for every person; mine right now says "0R2LXXR6L". The R and L stand for right and left - this is the combination for the safe over there underneath the artwork. Remember your slip of paper that said "XX=" - that's your third number.

So turn left again. Dial the combination on the safe - you click on the outer rim of the wheel to make it turn, and you can hold the mouse button down if you want to spin it quickly. Just be sure to be EXACT with your numbers; go as slow as you need to.

You will find a socket wrench and an MP3 player. We'll get to the wrnech in a minute. For now, view the player, notice the five sliders, and hit play. You should hear five tones that sound like telephone beeps. They should all sound the same. Fiddle with the first slider, moving it one spot and then hitting "play" again until you hear a new, higher tone.

It's trial and error, but eventually you will need to get all five sliders in position to play the high tone. IMPORTANT: The number of sliders in the right place will determine the number of high tones you hear - NOT the position of the sliders. In other words, if you have 1 and 3 in the right place, and the other three are wrong, you will not hear "XxXxx" - you will hear "XXxxx". The best way to avoid confusion is to adjust each slider, one by one, until you have all five high tones.

Once you have the tones right, you'll be able to open the MP3 player and remove a slip of paper, and notice instructions. Apparently you can use a magnet with the socket wrench to find more batteries... but where is the magnet?

Heh. Speakers use magnets -- ALL speakers use them as far as I know. Use your Swiss Army knife, select the blade, and cut the magnet out of the speaker.

Go back to the chair. Use the socket wrnech on the bolts on the floor, one by one until they're all out. Zoom out and move the chair out of the way, then view the wrench and add the magnet to it. Zoom back in and use the wrench again, on each hole, and pull the batteries out. You'll have four when you're done. Put them in your black light and get ready for a whole roomfull of fun, in part 3.

Walkthrough part 3:

Okay, time for a little black light madness!

Oh, before we do that - remember that piece of paper you pulled out of the MP3 player? It had 8 numbers on it, with the last 4 blacked out. The first 4 say something like a1, b3, c2, etc. Just remember those for later.

Now, go through and shine the black light on your inventory. ALL of it. You should get clues from the gold bar, cube, and "good luck" note.

Now go around the room to each place you've been and scan the black light around to find more clues. You should see something inside the combination safe, in the hollow under the loose floorboard, and inside the electric outlet. These will all be odd little sequences like "GO=c1" - these are different every time you play. Write these on a sheet of paper and you will get something like the following:

c1 a2
a4 c2

Now, go back to your good luck note and study the diagram that is revealed by the black light. It tells you that you want to make NEW letter/number combinations. This really is easiest to do on a piece of paper:

c2 c1 a4 a3

All right, there is one other spot in the room where your black light will reveal something: On the wall above the briefcase you will see the outline of another panel and button. Zoom in, and use the light to find the button, and click on it as best you can until you find it and the panel opens.

There is a checkerboard of buttons here, and if you squint, you can see that they are marked ABCD across the top and bottom, and 4321 down the sides. The BOTTOM row is row 1.

You need to select eight buttons, four of which are on that piece of paper in your inventory, and four derived from the "Good luck" diagram. Mine are
b4 d1 b3 a2
c1 a2 a4 c2

Once you have all eight buttons lit, the little panel beside them will open and you will get a key. This is the most complicated of the three remaining puzzles. I'll cover the other two in part 4.

Walkthrough part 4:

Okay, we just solved the checkerboard puzzle using all those clues from the black light. Zoom out, drop down to the briefcase, and put the key in the third hole in the box.

While you're there, note the little colored square in the lid of the briefcase. There are four letters, each on a different color background. Jot those down on your paper, zoom out, and turn left.

On the LEFT panel, there is a single row of 7 buttons. The giveaway for this was discovered by someone else: the buttons are arranged according to a musical scale, not the regular alphabet. In other words, the buttons are CDEFGAB - NOT ABCDEFG.

Don't worry, you don't need to understand music, or even be able to hear, for this. Just select the four buttons out of the seven that match the letters in the briefcase, and press them until they turn the correct colors. The combination changes each time you play, but you will always have three buttons that are not used.

Hey look, we have a key for the first slot in that box, in the briefcase.

Last puzzle: that cube. First, view the cube. You can click on it to see all six faces, and they each are a different color. Take your piece of paper and write them down:
Then take your blacklight and check out the numbers on each face. This MAY be the only puzzle that is the same each time you play: at least, I have the same results here as the last time I played. I have
Yellow 6
Red 4
Cyan 2
Green 3
Blue 1
Violet 5

Okay, now let's zoom in on the RIGHT panel, the one with a normal looking keypad, and a picture of the cube on it.

First, even though it won't get you the key, press the large button six times, to make those six little lights come on. They are each a different color, and the colors change each time you play. Currently, mine are

which means my numbers are 3 4 2 5 6 1.

EXCEPT, this keypad only looks normal. The buttons do NOT represent the numbers 1 through 9; they represent the dots (pips) on the die, which you just saw under your black light!

In other words, the numbers 1 - 6 look like this:
To enter the numbers correctly, you need to draw the number as I just did, then push the large button to light up the first light; then the next number and 2nd light, and so on.

Oh, look, we get a key. Guess where we put it.

I love this game, because unlike a lot of others, this one doesn't reveal a final key - it reveals the handle for the door. The darn thing was never locked, the entire time! What's more, it opens outward, so if you'd been able to open it, you could have climbed over the chair and made your escape. Love it!

Anyway, get the handle, zoom in on the door, insert it, then use it, and you're out. The message is Spanish, and reads:

You have completed the game with success.
Thanks for playing.

I swear, I want to go play this again just because it's that cool. This is one of the best I've seen in terms of quality and complexity in a LONG time.

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