Escape from the Living Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Living Room Text Walkthrough
Brilliant game....if you can seem to get something right check my need to do things in the right way for it to work.

Facing sofa - left cabinet see number on door and get STICK from vase. Get another STICK from middle picture.

Right CD rack....examine and find a KEY in one of the top row CDs. Use key on right cupboard by sofa for FLASHLIGHT.

Got to TV and get TOTEM from middle cupboard.Examine totem and the base. Go to sofa and see code on the right side of the right cabinet. IMPORTANT middle arrow shows which direction for the face and the outside ones for the arms. (so middle face is to the back). Get KEY from base.

Use totem KEY on small table and get REMOTE. Select FLASHLIGHT and get drawer out. Turn on flashlight and look in slot and press button to get PHONE.

Go to left cabinet by sofa, dial that number in phone and press OK. Door opens....get TAPE.

Go to TV and note numbers on left cabinet. Go to pictures on wall and right picture. Click INSIDE frame on picture in corners in that order. Examine picture and get KEY and STRING. Use picture KEY on left cabinet of TV and get SCREWDRIVER.

Lets look at the CDs....bottom right has a picture like one on the wall with the heart. Go to the TV and examine the remote and TURN IT ON! Select the CD and see code. Go to the HEARTS. Turn them that number of degrees (i.e. 90 pointy end to left) when you have them correct click SECOND heart and you receive it.

(Hearts pointy end left, up to right, up to left, to right)

Examine heart and turn over. Use screwdriver to get KEY. Use heart key on right cabinet of TV to get scissors.

Now examine CDs on TV...cheat a little with the sunflower CD and see code. Select those three CDs on the top shelf individually and get the numbers to multiply and use that number on the box on the shelf and get CORKSCREW.

Use corkscrew on bottles on shelf and get four CORKS and a STICK.

Assemble the 'car' from corks, string, sticks, tape and phone (have you got everything?) including scissors.

Examine blue stick and use scissors. With them cut, select brown sticks, (they go inside), select corks (they go on the end) and select tape to finish the 'wheels'.

Examine phone, close and turn over to blank side. Select your 'wheels'. Use tape and turn over and use string. Click again and use tape to the front (must do this). Go to sofa and release your car under the sofa to get the KEY to the door
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