The Life Ark 3 Walkthrough

-click 3xthe triangle stones untill the go to the edges
-click sun and solve puzzle(hint:puzzle pieces can be rotated by clicking on it;and if they fit on the right place ,the coulor change and can't be removed)
-after don puzzle the sun beams--click quickly at the ufoflag
-click sun and solve the puzzle again
-sun beams--click flag again
-click ufo to let the guy out
-click black door by the hill
-click radar which appears near the blue guy
-click saturn and solve puzzle(hint:find 3 x lifeark written)
-click radar
-click blue guy
-radar again-robot appears
-click above robot the yellow circle
-click robot to solve puzzle(hint:rotate the pipes untill the are all green)
-click saturn(it awakes)
-click the green machine(puzzle hint:there is a pattern--if you find it too hard to solve,click at the bottom of green window(your coursor becomes a hand)so the pattern changes to an other numeral pattern
-find which number comes at last following the numerals--write it in that place:(?) delete the questionmark first
-click green machine
-click ufo
-click little hill
-click green machine
-click blue guy
-click saturn
-click far left star and beginn to connect the stars (about 6 stars)
-click ufo
-click flag
click ufo

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