Escape the Park Walkthrough

Escape from Park aka Oyun Parkından Kaçış is another Turkish type room escape game
Get orange candy from left flowers
Place candy at end of left slide
Get hammer from bottom of second tree
Use hammer on bricks next to that tree to get clippers (third row from top)
Use clippers to get black rod from bench
Use rod in first screen to get leftmost top apple
Give apple to girl
Use clippers on right cross bar of A frame of swing for purple rod

Use purple rod to fix slide ladder
Click girl at the bottom of slide ladder, and she will give you a present
Click present in inventory for red key
Click girl and put her on the right (blue) swing
Click hook she dropped and use to get yellow candy
Put yellow candy at bottom of right slide, and click girl to climb ladder (note: if you click her on the ladder she won’t climb; click just below it)
Get bottle, click on faucet, and fill bottle
Click on girl
Pour water from bottle on dirt at base of tree
Get blue key, and use blue and red keys on locked door to get shovel
Put girl on seesaw and use shovel under raised side
Get silver key and leave
Source: Escape Games 24

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