Ultimate Assassin 2 Walkthrough

Description: Your goal: take out the green shirt. And don't let those nosy guards spot you! Slip in, do the deed, and slip out before anyone realizes you've been there.
Instructions: Arrow keys to move; z for speed, x for invisibility
Category: Action

Tips & Tricks

1- Don't hurry. Always be patient and plan what to do. But, sometimes you should hurry when the situation makes you do this.

2- Use the environment. Environment is your best friend. All of the boxes, walls, rooms and buildings around you helps you reaching the target or hide.

3- Use your special abilities & energy wisely. Speed is good for running from the bullets, reaching the target without being seen and any other situation that you should be very fast. If a guard sees you and you have nowhere to run, you can stay alive if you quickly swich to invisibility. Only thing left is waiting till the guard goes. Invisibility can be used almost any situation like speed.

4- Hide. When they are searching you or they are about to see you, you should hide. There are many hiding spots in levels. If a curious guard comes right to your hiding spot, you can use your invisibility until he goes away. Hiding spots are also good for waiting till mission completes.

Advanced Tricks

These tricks will help you to reach the target when he is heavily protected.

1- If there are many guards near the target (and if it makes you unable to reach the target), let them see you. Guards will left the target alone when they run after you. So, you can kill him easily by reaching him from an other path.

2- Think that the target is in a place and he never comes out. There are so mant guards around the place, it is impossible to reach the target without being seen. All you should do is to run in to the place with in speed mode and hide in some safe place that they can't find you. Then wait until the alarm goes off. You are much more close to the target know. You can even kill the target, then hide when you enter the place.
Ultimate Assassin 2 Walkthrough stages 1-6

Ultimate Assassin 2 Walkthrough stages 7-12

Ultimate Assassin 2 Walkthrough stages 13-18

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