Find the Escape-Men 1: in the Bathroom Walkthrough

Door scene: Get epoxy, cup, bath salt (behind bucket, also need to click on bath salt box to get package then click again for tablet), 2 green guys and blue rubber ball are in bucket, also a green guy is on bath salt box

Towel scene: Get brush (behind towel), Hardener (behind green thing), green guy (click on corner of towel), sponge (under corner of green sheet), green guy in water thermostat

Tub scene: Click up on pic for green guy, cleanser behind pic

Faucet scene: Click up on ceiling grill for green guy and rod, click on cold water tap to make it fall off, you will have to find it in the tub, then click cold water tap to find another green guy

Pour cleanser on both dirt spots (on tub and green sheet), scrub with sponge

Mix epoxy and hardener in cup, pour in cold water hole, stick brush in hole, turn water on - this should rinse both dirt spots

Don't forget to get green guy behind shower faucet! Also green guy on green sheet.

Put blue ball in tub as stopper, turn water on to fill tub, put bath salt in tub, get green guy

You should have all 10 green guys now. Click on pic of green guy then "about", click on green guy and they should stack. Then click rod to attach it to stack of green guys. That makes a key and you're out!
i miss one more green guy.the ones i can remember
in tub after you put salt
behind shower handle
behind towel
on whale pic
top vent where you get rod
on salt box
crack of broken tap
don't remember the 9th and miss the 10th

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