Living Room Escape Walkthrough

Have a look at the recepe on table
Take DOG FOOD on table
Get SAUCEPAN in buttom drawer
Feel it with water
get CHOCOLATE & HAMMER in the fridge
get BOWL in dishshelves
Hit fire & us saucepan + bowl+ chocolateget Key 1 in melted chocolate
Open dishshelves with key
Use stoll in front of sink
get JAR
Break jar with hammer
get CARD
Use remote on TV
Get KEY 2 in books in front of TV
for code see coment 20 + 2 from picture next door
Enter 892 code next to TV
Use key 2 on pink box get DOG CANDY
Use star mould with chocolate and put in fridge
Put dishes in sink
get star mould out of the fridge
Put chocolate star shape in pink I don't know what in right buttom of dishsheves
Give food & candy to dog
Get Purple Card
Put Cards next door
Now 2 Enddings
1) Get out and see a happy guy & a furious mother
2) clean dishes in sink & take of stool get a happy little girl

Living Room Escape Walkthrough-Source EscapeGames24

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