For the Escape Walkthrough

1) Grab the yellow fish from the tank, and the card under the tanks table.
2)Turn right and grab the Flower and plug the lamp in.
3) Turn right and grab the red and green books, and the red card from under the green table.
4) Turn Right and grab the chair, grab the die and the yellow note from the dresser drawers, grab the cut blue note from the trash bin. Click on the middle drawer several times to get it to open and grab the screwdriver. Click at the bottom of the desk under the two larger drawers to get the green card.
5)Click under the desk and plug in the lamp. Go back and turn the light on, and then put both the red book and red card under the light to get writing on them. Turn the lamp off and remove the bulb.
6) Turn right and put the blue card piece in the water. Click on the flower to zoom in on it, click the pot to seperate the flower from the pot. Fill the pot with water and pour it into the plant pot. Use the screwdriver to dig out a box. Fill the flower pot up again. Turn off the lights and look at the green card and book to get writing in them. Also click on the flower to zoom in on it, then click it again to turn it around. Note the location of the green and blue dots.
7)Go right and poor the water on the bed to find the blue card. Put the bulb in the lamp and turn it on to get the yellow card.
8) Go right and put the chair on the table to grab the clock.
9) use the screwdriver on the fish eye to get the battery. Then use the screwdriver on the back of the clock to open the battery compartment. Place the battery. The clock face has a green and blue arm. Use the positions on the flower to set the clock. Note, the flower was turned around, so you have to flip the positions on the flower to get the right time. To move the hands, click the buttons on the back of the clock. Click blue 6 times and green 2 times. Click the red button to get a key.
10) Notice the very top notes. It has two dark shapes and writing associated with it. This is the clue that the books are used to solve the puzzle box and the cards are used to solve the safe.
11)Examine the die. It is the clue to solving the puzzle box. Look at each book or card in the same row as the books. They have a number. That is the die number for that color. Use that to fill out the cube. Note, there will be some overlap.
12) the puzzle box should open with the below code.


w = white b = black

13) push the red button and take the key. Now examine the cards. Go and look at the safe, and you'll see blocks and lines. Basicly, to get that answer, you make them all red, and then, starting at the color dot, remove all squares that the line would pass through if you had started at the dot and followed it to the edge.
14) The safe will open with the below code.


W = white and R = Red

15) take the final key, and then go to the door. There are actually 3 doors, one behind the other. Use the three keys to open them, and you're out.

Source For the Escape Walkthrough-escapegames24

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